Cimmerian Garrison Ascendant Challenge | Chamber of Starlight Guide

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This Cimmerian Garrison Ascendant Challenge Guide will help you out complete this Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge. This challenge will get complete with the help of Bounty for Petra Venj in the Dreaming City.


Chamber of Starlight Location

Chamber of Starlight is located in between Rheasilvia and The Strand. You have to reach this location and then you can start the Cimmerian Garrison Ascendant challenge. First, you have to the Lost Sector in Destiny 2. Move towards the Rheasilvia region of the Dreaming City, which forms the northeastern section of the overall region. Then move towards the southwestern corner of the Rheasilvia region. When you move toward the southwestern corner then you will find the Chamber of Starlight Location, within a small canyon.

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Cimmerian Garrison Ascendant challenge Guide

The Cimmerian Garrison ascendant challenge is located in the lost sector Chamber of Starlight. For those who are unfamiliar with these, refer to the other articles I wrote about them, as the premise stays exactly the same each week. So, pick up the bounty from Petra, read the blurb, which refers to starlight burning bright, and pops your tincture of queensfoil.

Then head towards the Rheasilva area on the map. After you drove your sparrow out from the caves drop down to your left to the entrance of the lost sector, and go inside. You need to do the lost sector because the challenge is at the back of the boos room, so trying to get inside the portal, with all the mobs shooting at you, may prove to be hazardous to your health.


Once you killed the boss and most of the ads and especially the two snipers on the ledge next to the portal, head inside, and then turn around and start running because four Abyssal champions will spawn and follow you with their big battle axes ready to smite you once they catch up with you. So, the task here is to run up to the top of the contraption while avoiding the taken mines, snipers, and phalanxes that spawn. It’s quite easy to get lost here, so my advice is that always turn right at every option.

Once you arrived at the large staircase run up to the top and jump over using the rotating platforms to the boss fight area. There you will need to fight one of the Abyssal champions, and some mobs of a thrall and taken phalanxes. Keep your distance and you will be golden. Once the boss is dead your chest will spawn and you can collect your loot.

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However, if you are looking for the eggs and the lore bones, you have one right at the beginning at the right side of the first bridge directly below you. The second one is visible from a lot of angles, you have a clear sight of the view at it first when you killed the second shrieker, and if you stand on the platform and look into the distance you can see it and have a clear shot at it.

The lore bones are on the left side of the large staircase, you run in the opposite direction you would normally do, and it’s at the end of the platform. This time it’s an even better option to shoot the second egg, if you turn around and run back a bit, it’s right below the top of the building where the champions spawned. You can also shoot this from the top of the staircase.

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Cimmerian Garrison Ascendant Challenge Video Guide


This is all for the Cimmerian Garrison ascendant challenge Guide, hope this article will clear lots of things up. If you are stuck somewhere during this game do comment down below. Will help you to get out of it and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more destiny 2 updates.

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