Genshin Impact Codes | How to Redeem Free Rewards & Items

Genshin Impact Codes helps to redeem free Primogems, Mora, XP and more for free. With the help of codes you can powerup these characters with free items which will help you to win all bosses and Hurlichurl camps you come across.


Genshin Impact is a very good game in terms of gameplay and graphics. The downside of it is that the gacha system turned the game into pay to play for easier gameplay. However, there are still some alternative ways to earn the Genshin Impact rewards even outside the game like Genshin Impact code mentioned in the title. Now, let’s move on to what is the Genshin Impact code and more details on it.

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What is Genshin Impact Codes

Genshin Impact codes are basically a code given by the official Mihoyo pages itself in the social media, announcement and other platforms. The code will have its expiration date and currently, there are 2 codes given by the Mihoyo official. Different servers will have different code to use so you should recheck your code if your code is not working. Additionally, one code can only be used once by an account. Once redeemed successfully, your in-game mail will have notifications and you can claim the rewards.

Genshin Impact free Rewards & Items

From what we got so far it is just primogem and mora (BOTH CURRENCY IN GAME). Other than the code, Genshin Impact has also given out rewards that are called “Get Ready For the Road’ which another event redeemable outside the game. This event will allow you to stand a chance to win 4* artifacts,  4* weapons and more for a head start. The event will be ending on the 6th of October 2020.

Genshin Impact codes-characters

The latest event of the freebies for Genshin’s players is Caroline’s Adventure Supplies to 1000 lucky players. The Caroline’s Adventure cost 4.99 USD in-game and gives out a total of 2700 primogem (90 per day) with a bonus of 300 genesis crystals. 

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How to Redeem Genshin Impact Codes

Back to the topic, redeeming Genshin Impact code is easy, just click on This is the only way to claim free rewards or items using the codes. 

Genshin Impact-redeem-codes-steps-rewards-items-free
Genshin Impact-redeem-codes-steps-rewards-items-free

Steps to Redeem Genshin Impact Codes

  • Step 1: Login your account (Make sure you reach rank 10)
  • Step 2: Select your server
  • Step 3: Type the code
  • Step 4: Select Redeem
  • Step 5: After seeing redeem successfully, check your in-game mail.

These are the only steps to redeem codes, if you face any kind of problem then do contact the support or you can contact us using the comment section down below.

Genshin Impact Codes

Here are the Genshin Impact codes, please note that these codes will have an expiration date, also we will update more codes time to time.

30 primogem & 5x Adventure EXP

Redeem Genshin Impact CodesStatus
Europe- GenshinMHY0O

America- GenshinMHY0M

Asia- GenshinMHY0I






Expired Codes:

60 primogem & 10,000 Mora

  • GENSHIN0928E -EU
  • GENSHIN0928A -NA

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How to Redeem Genshin Impact Codes PS4

Unfortunately, PS4 uses a different system compared to PC and Android which uses Mihoyo account. Since users are required to login into their Mihoyo account to claim,  PS4 aren’t available for claiming the gift above but PS4 players will be receiving in-game glider skin, which is not available for PC and Android users.

This is all for this guide, hope you are able to redeem the codes now, if you have any quries then you can contact using the comment box below. Don’t forget to share this with your friends over the social media platforms. We will add more guides and news on Genshin Impact till then stay tuned.

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