GTA 6: 10 Things We Want in Grand Theft Auto 6 [GTA Fans]

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GTA 6 or Grand Theft Auto 6 is still a mystery, no one knows when GTA 6 is going to release. But there are 10 Things We Want in GTA 6 that were not in GTA 5.


Grand Theft Auto a.k.a GTA is one of the most known games of the present time. It has been 24 years since the first GTA game came out in the market. The last GTA game that came to market was GTA 5 and the game broke many records when it was released. It’s been 8 years since GTA 5 and now is the perfect time to see a new GTA game.

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About GTA 6

It is a sure thing that the GTA 6 game is not yet coming to any gaming consoles or platforms. This is the case because there isn’t an official announcement from the developer’s side. The best thing that can be done right now is to wait for an official announcement because reaching conclusions from rumors will lead you nowhere.


10 Things People Wants in GTA 6 [2023]

The reality right now is that there isn’t any GTA 6. As GTA had a huge fan base for the past 2 decades, so there are a lot of things that are expected if the new GTA game comes into the market, i.e the GTA 6. The different or new things that can be expected from the game are given below.

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Better Storyline

A good storyline is always a dealmaker or a dealbreaker. The story of GTA 5 was a twisted one and it had three playable protagonists. The story had government conspiracies and mid-life crises. One of the many important things that we want now is a better storyline that can impress the players that play the game.

gta 6 Better Storyline
gta 6 Better Storyline

Better Map

We have seen that the GTA 5 features the San Andreas city, the same city that we saw in GTA San Andreas. This makes the gamers think that the developers lack imagination. It is time for the developers at Rockstar to boot up and give gamers something that will just blow their minds.

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Better Protagonists

Though the GTA 5 was the first time that we saw three playable characters in a GTA game but they all came at a cost. They had flaws like Trevor had some unnecessary and awkward moments in the game.

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Franklin’s character could have been properly or better developed. Michael could have been a promising character in the game but he in the end felt just like an old man. It is time to bring back the characters with a boost.

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Better Graphics

Seeing the present-day scenario, the systems have upgraded a lot compared to the previous years. The game won’t be worth it if the computer system has really good graphics while the game does not. This will just ruin the gaming experience. We need to have better graphics in the game to cope up with this situation.

GTA 6 Graphics
GTA 6 Graphics

Different Islands

Though a few gamers have only complained that the map in GTA 5 was big but a majority want that the map should be even bigger. Not even bigger but if there were a few different islands included in the game, it will be an amazing thing for everyone to see.

GTA 6 Island LEAK
GTA 6 Island LEAK

More Side Activities

Though from the starting of the GTA there have been a number of side activities included in the game, there are gamers that still there is a need for more activities in the game. The difference here was that the GTA 5 did not have as many activities in the game as its predecessors, so the need for more activities is still there.

More Car Customization

The starting lineup of the GTA games around 2000 had a lot of car customization available in the game but with time it all decreased and the GTA 5 game had the lesser options compared to the first GTA games. This makes us realize that there is an urgent need for Car Customization options in the upcoming GTA games.

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In real life, Cryptocurrency is one such currency that does not have a hold on it by any government in the world. Cryptocurrency is so famous that a lot of money transaction today is done through it. The modern-day gamer loves cryptocurrency and that is why they want it to be introduced in the game.

gta 6 Cryptocurrency
gta 6 Cryptocurrency

More Realistic

Though reality and game are a pole apart situation, the games today make us feel that everything is happening in reality. It is not that something wrong is happening but the technology has advanced so much that the need for a game that makes us feel like it’s a reality is day by day becoming the need of every gamer out there today.

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Multiple Cities

The need for multiple cities in the game is one of the important requirements of the GTA gamers out there. The gamers say that limiting the game to a city reduces the options to explore in the game.

Many think that Rockstar fell short in terms of variety and scale. If there are more options of cities available in the upcoming GTA game, then the game can do more than what it is doing right now.

GRAND THEFT AUTO 6 Multiple Cities
GRAND THEFT AUTO 6 Multiple Cities

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