Destiny 2 Weekly Reset [Today] June 2023

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Are you looking to know about Destiny 2 Weekly Reset? Here you can know about the raid challenges, bounties, and many more. Bungie’s Destiny 2 is an available free competitive first-person action game. Activities in destiny 2 are categorized into (PvE) and (PvP). Let’s start with the article and before getting into it, do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter. 


Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Timing

Destiny 2 refreshes one time a week. The weekly reset time is Tuesday at mentioned below timing:

  • 6 pm (GMT) for the UK 
  • 7 pm (CEST) for Europe 
  •  1 pm (EST) for East coast 
  •  10 am (PST) For West coast 

Ensure you end this in an efficient way before it is revised. If you have done it and do not claim them, they will unlock automatically the next time you come back in after the resetting, so nothing will be wasted.

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What can be the Changes in Destiny 2 Weekly Reset

These things vary daily in the case of destiny 2. Changes also occur once a week. Bounties for Vendors Armor modifications from vendors, for example, Banshee-44 and Ada-1 are available. Spider’s Target Components and Banshee-44’s Upgrade Packages are examples of Material Modifications.

  • Lost Areas Legend and Master
  • Eververse’s daily sale product
  • On every Friday, regular reset, Trials of Osiris are available, and Xur telecast with new Exotic goods. They will be available for another weekly episode on Tuesday.

Crucible Challenge

Crucible is the initial Challenge in Destiny 2. You can do it once every character when it looks like a Daily Quest. Crucible Challenge (CC) is a single scenario for level 46 and up players. It was featured in the 2.6 updates and may be reached through the Marchutan Priory in Pandaemonium (Asmodian Logo small.png Asmodian) or Kaisinel Academy in Sanctum.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Crucible Challenge
Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Crucible Challenge

The situation consists of multiple phases that are designed after certain circumstances and areas and occur on a round battleground. The Crucible Insignia.gif is the focus of the Crucible Challenge. These tokens may be collected in increasing amounts, and it depends on one’s performance and traded for a range of items just outside of the scenario, such as clothes, an auto-loot box, godstones, and others.

This instance was formerly a reason for Manastones, which were much more difficult to come by at the time. Complete the six stages of Crucible. Speak with Shaxx to get your prize. As a bonus for ending the mission, you will get 10x Crucible Tokens.

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Raid Encounters

Raid is a Destiny video game. Raids are 6-player collaborative assassination goals with a high level of difficulty that need collaborative behavior among the players to complete. They include specialized missions for fire team groupings. There are no checkpoints. Raids often consisted of huge clashes with multiple enemies, ending in a violent final fight against legendary bosses from all over the Destiny series.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Raid Encounters
Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Raid Encounters

Raid foes will have considerable powers that are not present somewhere else in the game, for example, special enemies, debuffs, and so on. Strikes run about 10-15 min; however, raids may continue up to several hours. It is generally only if gamers are newcomers to the raid first a few days after a new Raid is released.

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Raid Challenges

Weekly raid challenges include 

  • Vault of Glass: Challenge includes (Oracles). In it, players are not allowed to kill the very same oracle multiple times.
  • Deep Stone Crypt: It Includes Crypt Security. All Scouts must operate the two seats on the lowest level.
  • Garden of Salvation: Consecrated Mind is the challenge in this raid. To summon the boss, always deposit ten motes at the moment.
  • Last Wish: It includes challenges, for example, Kalli. By unlocking and purifying all 9 shields, kill all nine Knights and Ogres for eliminating Kalli.
Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Raid Challenges
Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Raid Challenges

Raid Checkpoints

While starting the raid, participants must organize their Fireteam. The raid checkpoints are related to the fireteam boss; therefore, whatever was the fireteam commander in the last event must start a new schedule to restart again at the same checkpoint; otherwise, the team just has to start over or at a different checkpoint from where they last stopped.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Raid Checkpoints
Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Raid Checkpoints

Any boss defeated has a checkpoint that enables the players to resume the raid on different days in less than a week. If they do not try to complete the raid in a single session, participants should agree on what development they will achieve in the desired discussion.

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Europa Powerful Rewards

Europa, is the new region in the Destiny 2 game. Further than Light, it is full of amazing mysteries to find. A few of these surprises are a particular loot box that will open by killing an adversary and then solving the puzzle. Here’s how to go to the mysterious chest and receive your reward.

  • To get unique codes, eliminate the Technorunner.
  • Just use Riis-Reborn code
  • In Cadmus Ridge, complete the puzzle.
Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Europa Powerful Rewards
Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Europa Powerful Rewards

Gambit Weekly Challenge

Players of Destiny 2 Should Reschedule Finishing Gambit Weekly Challenges. For Infamy, Challenge demands players to compete with Gambit 5 times to improve their Infamy Rank. The Infamy Ranks must include Brave/Mythic, rather than sub ranks, e.g Brave 2/3. Gambit victory considerably enhances Infamy points more than a defeat. Unlike in the Crucible, your Gambit profits will move more to victory as your Infamy rating rises.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Gambit Weekly Challenge
Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Gambit Weekly Challenge

Nightfall: The Ordeal Strike and Challenge

Nightfalls in Destiny 2 is categorized as the most encountered challenges, and they are the pivotal moment of the game’s weekly reset. If you want to polish your strength during Season of the Lost, you’ve come to the perfect spot. When Witch Queen is released next year, it will be the best method to power up during Season 16.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Nightfall: The Ordeal Strike and Challengetfall: The Ordeal Strike and Challenge
Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Nightfall: The Ordeal Strike and Challengetfall: The Ordeal Strike and Challenge

All players have access to the Ordeal playlist. The following is critical data that participants must consider while taking part in Nightfall.

  • The Ordeal comes to the public once a week.
  • There are five difficulty levels: Adept, Hero, Legend, Master, and Grandmaster.
  • Adept and Hero levels have competition available.
  • The scoring system is collaborative and based on expertise 
  • Kills are the primary objective of scoring, with orb creation coming in second.
  • With time, the score decreases.
  • Rating stops beyond time limits depending on the skill that a player selects.

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Vendor Bounties

You can claim Bounties from a variety of sellers while playing the game. In the Tower, these comprise Shaxx, Zavala, Armorer, and Drifter. To earn a bounty, just go to the Vendor who is selling Bounties for the program you intend to participate in. Every Vendor has 5 bounties offered at one time.

The Vendor also can get two weekly bounties. Following that, you have 1 day to accomplish the Bounty even before it disappears and seven days to do the Weekly Bounty. This timeframe begins when you collect the Bounty and is unrelated to the Weekly Refresh.

  • Primes de Creuset for Shaxx 
  • Vanguard Bonuses for Zavala
  • Primes Gambit for The Drifter
  • Weapon Calibration Bonuses for The Gunsmith
  • Random bounties for these Regional sellers 

After purchasing the bounties, you may check and monitor them on the Quests panel.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Vendor Bounties
Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Vendor Bounties

Strike Playlist Weekly Challenge

Strikes is a Destiny 2 gameplay feature in which the gamer is sent to an unknown location where he must perform a certain mission. Most Strikes have special adjustments that are linked to Weekly Challenges. We would have a guide for you if you were throughout a Strike while utilizing the same category as the present component.


  • 12 experience level
  • 130 Power level required 
  • 140 Power-recommended power level
Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Strike Playlist Weekly Challenge
Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Strike Playlist Weekly Challenge

Strikes are typically high demanding activities that run approximately 20 minutes on average and perform exactly the same to tale missions. Here are some tips for destiny strike:

  • Give special attention to Challenges
  • You do not need to eliminate everything.
  • Now is the time to practice your rapid platforming.
  • Tasks are assigned to members of the Fireteam.
  • Understand them thoroughly.

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Challenges such as 

  • Titan Class: It Includes subclasses such as Burn Notice, Tactical Clear, and Ricochet.
  • Hunter Class: Hunter class includes All in the Wrist, Skullduggery, and Concealment.
  • WarLock: Subclasses of warlock include Return to Ashes, Arc Automation, Devouring Void

These tasks mostly appear with the Elemental Focus challenge.

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Weekly Clan XP Caps

Clans are teams of Destiny players that use them as a format to participate in different gaming performances. To join a clan, a person must first sign into and link their PSN, Steam, Xbox account to their login. They must then go to the Clans on the main page and select “Request Join.” Clans can form bigger groupings known as friends.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Weekly Clan XP Caps
Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Weekly Clan XP Caps

Clan XP is collected in Destiny 2 by performing certain actions. Clan members earn up to 5,000 Clan XP every week, which refreshes every week with the weekly restart. Here’s a short point of what and what Clan XP you may earn:

  • 500XP on story mission completion
  • 500 XP for crucible games completion
  • 250XP for patrol mission completion 
  • 500XP for adventure completion
  • 500XP for a Completion of public event 

You can get Clan Perks at different levels, and those stages and Perks are revised at the end of each Season. More information about Seasonal Resets is expected to be released soon.

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Weekly Clan Engrams

Clan Engrams are a form of Engram that is obtained using the Clan systems. By performing one of four activities as a Clan member each week before the weekend reset on Tuesdays. All Clan members will get one of those Clan Engrams that resemble the Legendary Engrams in appearance.

  • Crucible victory
  • Having completed a Nightfall
  • Going to complete a Raid 
  • Complete a Tests of the Nine ticket with seven different victories
Destiny 2 Weekly Clan Engrams
Destiny 2 Weekly Clan Engrams

You can get Clan Engrams after completing the preceding techniques. When you gather them, they will translate mechanically, and the goods will be added to the collection for you to spend at your convenience. According to the Legendary Engram you earn for attending events that add to the storage of Clan Engrams, you may be able to get an Engram that unlocks some of the following items:

  • Crucible Program 
  • Luminous Program 

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Trials of Osiris Rewards

The Trials of Osiris are Crucible events judged over by Osiris’ Disciples. It is a Crucible endgame action that was officially introduced with the House of Wolves expansion. It is active each Saturday, from Friday until Tuesday’s weekly reset. It made a comeback in Destiny 2 during Season of the Worthy. 

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Trials of Osiris Rewards
Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Trials of Osiris Rewards

In this game, two groups of three players compete against each other. A team wins when it efficiently kills all players on the opposing squad. Matches are made up of a series of 2-minute rounds in which one side wins, either fully wiping out the other team or conquering an area in the map. Scoring a round earns a team 1 point that moves closer to success, and the first team that reaches 5 scores wins the game.

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Eververse Bright Dust Selections

Bright Dust is a type of in-game earning that can get by opening Eververse goods or performing bounties. Only a few seasons later, there were several more ways to claim Bright Dust. You could potentially cultivate Bright Dust according to your demand to make an effort. You can rearrange cosmetic things, grind particular tasks, and so on.

Bright Dust may be redeemed at Eververse Trading Co. to enjoy a variety of Eververse products. points you need to consider Bright Dust is not available for purchase from Eververse Trading Co. and cannot be exchanged for Silver.

Bright Dust is linked to an account to receive it and cannot be shared or given. Bright Dust and things claimed with Bright Dust are not transferable with the help of an account through the platform’s license sharing capabilities.

Destiny 2 Eververse Bright Dust Selections
Destiny 2 Eververse Bright Dust Selections

Heroes on this game account immediately share the Bright Dust money. Once a week, the Eververse will sell a limited number of products that need Bright Dust. Bright Dust objects can be provided in the following parts:

  • The Eververse Homepage’s Bright Dust section
  • Bright Dust’s page
  • There will always be a variety of shaders, commodities, and goods for sale. In a nutshell, here are the many products you may buy with Bright Dust weekly basis.

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Here is all about the Destiny 2 weekly reset which is the most important day for every Destiny Fan who looks to get the most out of Bungie’s loot-filled shooter. If you find this article helpful then share it with your friends and keep visiting the website for every Destiny 2 update.

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