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Do you want to know How to Tame a Fox in Minecraft? or are you facing some problems taming a fox in Minecraft? If yes then this article will guide you to taming a fox in Minecraft with some easy steps.


What do Foxes do in Minecraft

Minecraft foxes are quick creatures that usually flee from players and wolves. The only chance of getting close to them is by sneaking. Foxes attack chickens, rabbits, salmons, cod, and tropical fish by pouncing or running up the target. The indication that a fox is about to pounce is when it starts to tilt, lowering its head and body to make an illusion of becoming shorter.


They can also jump over fences and walls. Tamed foxes will give things they pick up by their mouths in-game to their trusted player consisting mostly of feathers, still, there is a chance to get cool items out of them. Loyal foxes also help fend off potentially harmful enemies that may cause harm to their masters.

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Types of Foxes in Minecraft

Foxes are one of the most adorable critters you can find in Minecraft. They are usually passive in nature yet possess certain unique behaviors making them a must-have addition to the expansion of wildlife in-game. Minecraft Foxes come in two distinct types. The taiga biomes with no snow and ice spawn foxes with classic russets and colored red and white while on the other hand, foxes spawning near snow taiga homes or are surrounded by abundant snow will yield a fox with white and grey fur just like arctic foxes.


How to Tame a Fox in Minecraft

Initially, foxes are a bit wary and always scamper away when players go near them. The only way to get up close to these critters is to actually sneak upon them as they tend to be shy animals. The trick to bridging the gap with foxes is to develop a close bond by using sweet berries.


In order to tame Minecraft foxes, you need to be able to make two foxes mate with one another. Initial steps include finding a pair of foxes and convincing them to breed.

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Step 1: So the first step can be done by giving one sweet berry to one fox (which they are really fond of!) and likewise giving the other fox a sweet berry in the hopes to convince them to mate with each other and procreate. Little hearts that blooms above the fox’s heads is an indication that they have received your gift. But be vigilant since it usually takes a couple of attempts (usually four tries) before taming a Minecraft fox.


Step 2: Once both foxes agree to mate, players have to wait for the tamed fox pair to breed and produce a freshly-hatched fox which is by default tame and would be loyal to you. You must have a lead handy since they are prone to follow nearby adult foxes.

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How to Tame a fox in Minecraft PS4

If you want to tame a fox in Minecraft ps4, then you have to follow the same steps mentioned above. Do not miss any of the steps which are mentioned above, if you miss any steps then you would not be able to tame a fox in the Minecraft PlayStation version.

Where to Find a Fox in Minecraft (Location)

Minecraft Fox is nocturnal animals, meaning they tend to appear during the night times. Also, they are fond of spawning in taiga biomes (cold forests populated by spruce trees) either taiga, giant tree taiga, or snow taiga biomes, and even near taiga villages during the dark because they are fond of nesting in these parts due to the presence of leafy forests.


Given the time of day preference of these creatures which is a bit dangerous due to other creatures lurking in the dark, it is best to equip with something that can fight off something that may desire to have a fox dinner during your fox-searching adventure.

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How to get a White Fox in Minecraft

To get a White Fox in Minecraft, you have to go to snow taiga biomes, this increases the chance of successfully finding white foxes instead of the classic fox with red and whitetails. Another way is to breed a red-colored fox with a white fox. This will yield a 50% chance of either being red or snowy.


How to Get a Loyal Fox in Minecraft

To get a Minecraft loyal fox, a player must be able to make 2 separate foxes procreate with one another. It might not be a simple task since foxes are shy animals and are likely to scamper off when approached head-on. One way to get close to them is to sneak up to them, but you must have sweet berries with you.


Foxes love sweet berries and are less likely to scamper off once they received this delicious treat. Once convinced of breeding with one another, the player must wait for the emergence of its kit which is by default tamed, but still, it has the propensity to follow adult foxes nearby, that is why you need to have a lead handy to prevent them from running away with adult foxes.

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This is all for How to Tame a Fox in Minecraft, if you have any other method or any kind of suggestion for this article, then don’t hesitate to let us know. You can use the comment section which is given down below.

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