The SIMS 5 Features: What New We Will See

The SIMS 5 Features: I have listed 10 features to expect from the gameplay features of the next-generation life simulation. EA and Maxis are still using all their strength or resources in launching new content and expansions packs for the current instalment of their famous life simulation game “The Sims”. However, the rumour factory has been full of expectations about the release date and gameplay features for the next-generation title “The Sims 5.”

the sims 5 features

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Top 10 SIMS 5 Features

There are a lot of rumors about the game and the game features, but we ended up with the top 10 SIMS 5 features that people are expecting from the developer.

1. What Your Sims Eat Matters

You have not seen this feature in any of The Sims franchise, but it is very important. If your sims keep eating unhealthy food, like hamburgers or extra sugary meals, they should get fat faster than sims following a healthy diet. Sims trying to lose weight who are eating a healthy diet should get slimmer faster.

What Your Sims Eat Matters-sims-5
What Your Sims Eat Matters-sims-5

This would make cooking more important, and give you a reason to think about what you tell your sims to cook instead of randomly picking any recipe. Every meal in The Sims 5 should hold a calorie rank or a healthiness variable.

2. Progressive Ageing

I am not sure if we will get to see this feature in The Sims 5, but I would really prefer progressive aging instead of limited life stages. The jump from one life stage to another is simply too sudden for my taste. We could have sims aging week-by-week instead.


Body morphing is not new in the gaming industry and has been used in other games, though it isn’t perfect yet. But could we see this happen when The Sims 5 comes out a couple of years from now?

3. Sims Identify Each Other on the Street

I don’t like that my sims walk around the neighborhood and cross by other sims they know, like their best friend, or an in-depth relative, and that they simply ignore one another. I don’t want them to prevent doing whatever they were doing to speak thereto other sims, but a mere wave would be enough to feel some humanity in them.


The same thing happens with sims living within the same household. Once you awaken in the morning you say “Good morning” to the people you cross, or once you get home after work, you say hi! So a minimum of they ought to nod or say something in Simlish that says “Hey, I acknowledge your presence”. That might give sims a sort of lifelike wive in my opinion.

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4. Open World

This has been asked by many fans already, so I do believe we’ll get to possess an Open World again within The Sims 5. Or a minimum of a partly open world.

I miss The Sims 3’s open-world feel. You’ll get in your car and drive to shops, call a cab to get you or maybe have kids ride a motorcycle home from school or visit their friends. And still, control everyone in your household regardless of where they were.


If an actually open world is too much for the typical pc to run, then let’s have a minimum of smaller portions of the earth be open. For instance, within The Sims 4, we have seen the world around our neighborhood, so it might be cool to at least be capable to access the lots therein that same area without a loading screen.

5. Houses get Very Messy

What do sims even have a cleaning service for? Their home is always impeccable! Sure, there are puddles every now then, and therefore the kitchen and toilet get dirty sometimes, but nothing that justifies hiring the cleaning service on a periodic basis, or maybe from time to time. Sure, maybe after a crazy party, but that’s all.


I want dirty floors, dirty furniture, laundry, toys everywhere if there are children within the house, furniture out of place. For instance, the sofa could get out of place after a short time and it requires to be readjusted. And a few more dirty dishes too.

6. Sims have Companion Preferences

The Sims 2 already had this feature that was removed on the later titles for a few reasons, and I’d adore ascertaining it back. I don’t care such a lot about gender preference, but you ought to be ready to set whether a sim is attracted or turned off by other sims with a particular personality trait or physical quality.

Sims have Companion Preferences-sims-5
Sims have Companion Preferences-sims-5

For instance, a lively sim might be trying to find another active sim to exercise with, or another sim might be particularly turned-on by sims with the genius trait. And, why not, some sims might be specifically trying to find muscular sims. I personally think it’s too easy to simply be able to partner up with any sim you consistently chat with, including no other variable taken into consideration.

7. Each Object has Many Quality Options

In every Sims game thus far, baroque-style furniture has always been costlier and easier or rewarding than other styles. But what happens if you wish for plain, modern-style furniture? Simply because it is simpler doesn’t mean it’s to be more uncomfortable or maybe cheaper.


For instance, beds’ comfortableness shouldn’t depend upon the bed frame, but on the mattress instead. Choose whatever frame looks good with the house, then decide whether you would like a costlier mattress or not.

The same might be applied to the bulk of the furniture. Each item could have a top quality rate, and have different prices counting on which quality you purchase. Quite just like the BlandCo Contemporary Counter introduced within The Sims 4 City Living, which may be a reused version of the regular Contemporary Counter, but all under an equivalent item with many quality options.

8. Bank Loans and Money Transfer

Short on money? Request for a loan! You’ll be unable to buy the bills today, but a couple of paychecks and you’ll be ready to pay it back, so why not request a loan at the Sims Bank? And what if the house you dwell in has become too small for your children but you can’t afford to maneuver to a much bigger one? Why can’t our sims have a mortgage like normal people?



It would even be cool to finish up with negative funds and promise other sims “you can pay them back”, and that they get angry once you don’t and are available to steal your stuff as payment. Also, I might wish to be ready to give the youngsters a number of the household’s funds once they move out. Seems only logical that if they are available from a wealthy family, the parents would really like to assist them out, or at least have the option.

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9. L-shaped, U-shaped and Twisted Stairs

This is long overdue. Fans have asked for L-shaped and U-shaped stairs for an extended time. It gives room for therefore so much customization in build mode that I’m amazed this isn’t a feature yet. Not only they occupy less space, but they’re also an aesthetic choice!


I know this is able to require different sim animations for each shape of stairs, and it wouldn’t come easily to line up for various room heights but, please, EA?

10. Auto-save Function

Losing sim-days of progress in your game is remarkably frustrating. It seems like you went back in time, and you’ve got to repeat everything you probably did all over again. Or not, just change it, on the other hand, it’s never the same story you designed first, or you feel like your sims lived something that they really didn’t.

So unless they create a stable game that doesn’t crash, a scheduled auto-save function would be a pleasant feature to finally have introduced within The Sims 5.


That’s all for SIMS 5 Features. I would really like to see some of the above features in the upcoming expansion “The Sims 5”. Do not forget to tell me what Sims 5 features would you like to see in the game? It is still a longshot to expect the expansion to be launched this year given how EA and Maxis have been caring about the game. The fans could hope for this year is to at least get a confirmation that “The Sims 5” is happening and already in progress.


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