MudRunner VS SnowRunner in 2023 [Differences Explained]

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MudRunner VS SnowRunner in 2023 [Differences Explained] – With the release of SnowRunner tomorrow, the second addition to the Spintires series is a fact.

In an earlier article, we already went into a bit more depth about what these types of games actually are and with this new release, it is time to deepen the primary differences.

Although they are games in the same series, we do of course have to deal with differences in the gameplay and experience. The title itself says enough, because from Mud- we are now going to run SnowRun.

MudRunner and SnowRunner Differences

In MudRunner you had to deal with different weather conditions, but almost every map had one important similarity: mud. The impassable nature made you tighten more than once if you were not careful where you sent your vehicle. That will now return in SnowRunner, with an important addition that simply sums up the game’s title: snow.

MudRunner VS SnowRunner Differences
MudRunner VS SnowRunner Differences

MudRunner and SnowRunner: Weather conditions

This time you will also have to brave snowy areas and with that, you will get an extra challenge for you. That is not only limited to white environments but more is also involved.

Snow is more or less equal to cold and you will see that in SnowRunner in different ways. Similarly, you will find frozen lakes and ditches, and where you normally err on the side of caution and drive around it or look for a shallow passage, it is now possible to cross it.

MudRunneR and SnowRunner Weather conditions
MudRunneR and SnowRunner Weather conditions

But as you know ice is slippery and that also brings new challenges. Or what about environments where it starts to thaw, which makes the surface even soggier and therefore even muddier. Either way, the addition of this element to the conditions provides more variety and challenge.

MudRunner and SnowRunner: Improved environment

MudRunner was primarily about defying the terrain and delivering goods. Along the way, you could look for lookouts and once you reached them, the map suddenly became a lot clearer. You drove no longer than in unknown territory, as you got a better view of the surroundings via the lookout post.

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That now returns and the same applies to the unlocking of new vehicles. In SnowRunner you will find more than 40 vehicles and they come with all kinds of accessories and accessories that can help you in your work. Nothing new in that context, because once again you unlock vehicles by driving toward them on the map.

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Now you can also improve the environment, where previously it was not as extensive as possible. Think of building bridges, repairing power masts, removing roadblocks for new routes,

MudRunner and SnowRunner: New maps

One of the most important innovations is a fairly obvious one: new environments. In total, SnowRunner offers three new locations spread over eleven large maps.

If you have played MudRunner, you know that the size is quite large, and with eleven maps you have enough choice. The maps are located in Alaska, Michigan, and Taymyr (Russia).

MudRunner and SnowRunner
MudRunner and SnowRunner

Each area has its own characteristics, wherein Alaska you will find many icy environments, in Taymyr, it is a wasteland and in Michigan, you will mainly mountains, find swamps, and forests.

That also creates more height difference and judging by what we have seen from the game, you now seem to have to brave even more mountains and hills.

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In general, SnowRunner mainly continues on the basis of MudRunner, because the gameplay is identical in content. However, SnowRunner does have some differences compared to its predecessor and that is, of course, an extra challenging element, the new maps, and the possibility to influence the environment.

The game also has many more specific extra options, such as customization, extremely heavy loads, linked maps, and so on. SnowRunner is also equipped with a new physics system which should provide an even more realistic experience.

MudRunner and SnowRunner Images
MudRunner and SnowRunner Images

MudRunner and SnowRunner: More structure

Another important and pleasant difference is that the developer has added much more structure to the gameplay. Previously, you were thrown a bit deep into each map and the commands were quite limited.

The game also had additional challenges but in a separate mode. Now you will find markers on each folder where you can take new assignments, with a handy overview of what you have open. This also offers more overview and you can work in a more structured way.

MudRunner VS SnowRunner
MudRunner VS SnowRunner

If you drive from A to B for a load, you can now have another load in the trailer that you have to deliver somewhere halfway. This makes transport much more efficient and more fun.

In addition, the challenges are no longer separate from the single-player or co-op experience, they are included in the total adventure. In fact, the developer has merged the two separate parts into one, which in our opinion greatly improves accessibility.

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We will cover the specific new features of SnowRunner in an article soon after we have played the game extensively.

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