Destiny 2 Game Problems (Experts Review)

Destiny 2 Game Problems (Experts Review): -The Grind” – this is such a nebulous thing. Normal players hate the Grind. Some MMO players love him though.

Destiny 2 Game Problems

The Grind – this is something you do to achieve a goal in a game. You work on something. You have to earn something through laborious work. You can grind EXP, grasp items, grind for certain success, or a trophy. Players are on a treadmill and kicked themselves off to get something. They stay on the spot.

  • According to popular opinion: the “Grind”, the stomping, is not fun, but the fun comes only by reaching the goal. You’ve got it there 10,000 meters and is happy about it.
  • Others say: Just the kicking is fun. We set ourselves a goal and worked on it. According to Camus: One must imagine Sisyphos as a happy man.

Story vs. scab

In any case, the Grind plays something you already know, but you have to do or want to do it repeatedly. The “Grind” is in contrast to the experience of the story. Because the Grind remains in the same place, plays content, which one already knows. While the story is forward and brings “new”.

Grind is bad – dull filler

The view of many game critics and singleplayer fans is: “The Grind is bad.”

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You want to experience the story of a game, always want to learn something new. From their point of view “grind” is an unnecessary bloating of the perimeter, it is filling material. The worst reproach: “The game does not respect the time of the player.”

A game should rather tell its story, pack the best content compressed, and come to an end, then players can experience the next game anew. For these critics, Grind is something you have to do to “keep up” even though you do not really feel like it. It is an unnecessary, somehow irrational coercion.


This is often the case with an RPG, in which you have to “knock down mobs” in order to become strong enough for the final fight you want to experience. These players want “more story” – they want to experience something new and reject the Grind.

Grind is good – spending time with something that is fun

The opposite pole is: Grind is something good. Especially at Destiny the Gunplay has always been praised. It is fun to spend time in the world and to shoot and shoot. But something should get out of it.

The Grind serves as an excuse to work on “anything”, no matter what. In Destiny 1, players like a particular weapon with a different combination, the legendary “God-Roll.”

For people who have spent 1000 or more hours in Destiny, these goals are only a pretext for playing Destiny. In fact, it was not about getting Item X, but they wanted to play with their friends Destiny – spending time with something they like to do. What they ground there was not so important – the main thing was to get closer to the goal every hour.

These Grind fans have nothing against more stories. But the most important thing is that you have goals. You can spend time in the world of Destiny.

Destiny 1 was the Grind

In Destiny 1 the game was actually the Grind. Destiny had no real story at the beginning, then there were long content breaks. However, the gunplay was outstanding and guardians wanted to spend time playing with their friends.

They set themselves up obscure targets, which only minimally led to a strengthening of the character: one chased some high scores, accumulated more and more items (the vault must grow bigger!), Looked for a “holy grail”, the god roll, or drumming Crota dead.

At Destiny, the pleasure of the Grind even went so far that players created “rank lists”, which were not planned in the game to compare then: Who is best in the PvP? Who is the strongest in the trials? Who best throws the shells? There was even a competition about who spends most of the time in Destiny 1!

Bungie took the game and brought some stupid PvE rankings into the game and published the “winners” for a while in their weekly letter to the community. At Destiny 2, Bungie does not want to know anything about it anymore.

Destiny 2 has removed the Grind – Great applause from the US press

Destiny 2 has now listened to the group of “Grind opponents” and removed the Grind from the game. There are no more goals. This was also announced long before. Again and again said: We reward you. We are more generous. We respect your time.

For the decision to make Destiny 2 “grind-free”, there was violent applause of the US games press. Polygon wrote “Destiny 2 is like Destiny only without the bullshit” or “Destiny 2 players have nothing more to do and that’s good.” Still, there are few more Destiny 2 Game Problems.

In Destiny 1, Polygon had hit Kraft on Destiny, the title missed a 6/10.

The US press is cheering for Destiny 2 now, while the players who have spent so much time in Destiny 1 do not find it so funny and make their anger at our side or others. They find “There’s nothing left to do – and that’s really not okay.”


In a nutshell, the situation of Destiny 2 is not so bad. It’s nothing special. Destiny 2 is now in exactly the same situation, with the launch of many new multiplayer titles;

  • The game is out, the story works first. Players like the first 2, 3 weeks really very much and give top ratings.
  • But then the game stinks. The final game is still missing. There is nothing to do.

This is a normal situation. In Destiny 2 it is only so because it was so different from Destiny 1. In addition, Destiny is not an MMORPG – there are no typical “side-jobs” that MMORPGs offer: There is no housing, no crafting, you can not collect pets and do not fish.

Before the problem that there were no goals stood, for example, “The Division.” Then Massive Reinhardt later difficulty levels and new Item-Grade. You have changed the formula of the game. Even major MMORPGs have had these problems and have only expanded their content over time and given the players something to do.

WoW, extensions begin with the story at the beginning, and much more comes with later patches. Bungie seems to be tracking this plan with Destiny 2 and is releasing “more and more” content. The problem so far is that they also do not really bring new goals.

Give us something to do – to the point of cosmetic

Destiny 2 Game Problems
Destiny 2 Game Problems

Therefore, it is Bungie’s mission to change the philosophy behind Destiny 2 and give the players new goals and to get those with DLCs or patches.

This can be either a story that is really new – but it usually does not work because it is too much production and can consume the story more quickly than developers can postpone. Or you just give players what to do – no matter what, the main thing, the keeper has a pretext to spend time in Destiny 2.

The ideal would be things like:

  • Obscure successes like WoW, which release some special shaders or about titles.
  • Collecting “extra-rare weapons and armor” – Even if they have weapons only other skins or outfits have a different color.
  • or “horizontal” progress as with the God Rolls in Destiny 1 – items will get more variants and guardians can tailor them to their needs.

For Destiny 2, it was a big mistake to link the outfit, like the shaders, to the loot boxes – which must be coupled to such grind targets. God-Rolls should also come back. The achievement of these items is only relatively small, but noticeable. With the next DLC, you can still raise the power level and thus make the “Grind success” purely optional.

In principle, Bungie does not have to do anything, which makes many-player “really stronger”. It is enough to give the players something they can use to pass the time. There is no need for a large power increase.

Stop respecting our time

The reaction of the players should show Bungie now: It is nice that you respect our time, but please stop it. Give us something to do. No matter what. In the next few weeks and months, you should pay close attention to whether Bungie recognizes the signs of the community and responds accordingly.

You can blame Bungie a lot, but at least in Destiny 1 they have drawn the correct conclusions from the player feedback at the beginning of Destiny 1 and re-set the points. Bungie has to do with Destiny 2 again. This is all for the article Destiny 2 Game Problems.

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