The Settlers Release Date [2023]: When is the launch date?

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The Settlers Release Date: Ubisoft is gradually introducing individual buildings from The Settlers 2023. Now follows information about a building that is particularly important for the military in the building game: the smelter. Here you process the resources that you collected in the mines of The Settlers 2023.

The Settlers 2021 Game
The Settlers Release Date2021
The Settlers System RequirementsWindows 8, Windows 10, Intel i3 with 4 GB Ram
The Settlers TrailerOfficially Launched
The Settlers PlatformMicrosoft Windows

The smelter uses coal and ore to produce iron and steel bars. They primarily serve the weapon industry for the manufacture of swords, axes, and armor. Deeper information on the military from The Settlers 2021 should follow soon. In the article, you read the new information – and get fresh screenshots.

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The Settlers Release Date 2023

With the melting smelter, Ubisoft presents another building from The Settlers 2023. The hut is an important element for the manufacture of weapons – and therefore for the military in the building game. In the smelter, you use the resources that you have collected in the mines. According to experts, The Settlers Release Date is going to announce very soon by the company.


The building uses coal and ore to produce iron and steel bars. Both products primarily serve the arms industry. You use them to make swords, axes, and armor. Other areas, such as toolmaking, later also need iron and steel bars in order to manufacture the tools required at small town and city levels.

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The Settlers Gameplay

For the smelter, the settlement must be at the village level. Two workers each use a piece of coal and ore to make iron bars. The smelter can be improved once. At the small-town level, you increase production – another worker participates in the production. In addition, steel bars can now also be produced – from one piece of coal and two ores.

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“The smelter is essential if we want to expand our military influence or build better and more advanced buildings in our settlement. Because both the availability of different raw materials and our transport capacities are limited, we have to find the right balance for where we want to invest what”, the developers write on the Siedler website.

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It makes sense to place the smelter as close as possible to the mines in order to minimize the load on the transport network. We have screenshots of the smelter in our gallery below. Ubisoft will shortly be submitting further information on the military in The Settlers 2023.

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The Settlers Gameplay Trailer 2023

The Settlers System Requirements

The settlers is still behind the screen and as per some gaming experts, it will take more time because of the pandemic. The settlers System Requirements are not officially revealed yet, but what minimum system requirements that we are expecting for this game are given down below.

  • OS: Win 7 64.
  • Intel Core i3-560
  • AMD Radeon R7 360X or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti
  • 4 GB RAM.
  • 40 GB Hard drive space

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The Settlers Images


In addition to other buildings, there should also be information about the leaders. The building strategy game is scheduled to appear this year. An appointment has not yet been made. This is all for the settlers gameplay images and The Settlers Release Date. Comment down your views on this game.

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