Starcraft 3 Release Date, Trailer, Leaks & Rumors [2023]

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Starcraft 3 and Starcraft 3 Release Date is going to be real or not, well no one knows. Recently Blizzard’s latest future game list does not contain one of the most awaited game Starcraft 3.

StarCraft 3 New Game
Starcraft 3 Release Date
Starcraft 3 System Requirements
- Windows 10, 11
- Intel i5
- 8 GB RAM
- Nvidia RTX 3060 6 GB
Starcraft 3 Platforms
- Microsoft Windows
- PlayStation 4
- PlayStation 5
Starcraft 3 Trailer
Not Announced

The Starcraft series contains various Real-Time Strategy games under it. They all are military science fiction games which means it features the use of science fiction technology containing weapons for military purpose and principal characters belonging to or are members of a military organization. The whole background of the game is set on either distant planets or outer space. They are all fictional and only exist in literature, comics, films, or video games.

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The Starcraft series has 10 games under it. The first one that was released in 1998 was named Starcraft (Starcraft: Insurrection, Brude War, Retribution in 1998), Starcraft 64 in 2000, With its latest part Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty in 2010(and the continued subparts till 2016). Also, there is a makeover known as Starcraft: Remastered in 2017 of the first part of Starcraft.

Starcraft 3 Release Date

Though the developer and producer Blizzard Entertainment hasn’t said anything specific about Starcraft 3 for a long time, it is easy to assume that the Starcraft 3 Release Date is not to be announced anytime soon.

Also, the latest list of future games from Blizzard Entertainment does not contain Starcraft 3. The last project that they had relating to this series was a remake of the first Starcraft and that too in 2017 and it’s been 3 long years since then. So, clinging on to hope is what we all can do as of now.


Starcraft 3 System Requirements

As the game is not released yet, saying anything about the minimum or recommended system requirements are difficult but what can be done as of now is that we can see the system requirements of the latest game released by Blizzard Entertainment of this series i.e Starcraft: Remastered and assume that it be the minimum system requirement for Starcraft 3 when it comes into the market. The system Requirement (minimum) for Starcraft is given below:

  • CPU – Intel i5
  • RAM – 8 GB
  • OS – Windows 8/ Windows 10

Starcraft 3 Rumors

As for the rumors, we can say that there are a few, and there are a lot. Neither have Blizzard Entertainment said anything about the game nor did anyone in the company but sources say that recent news is circulating in the market and the company is working on a few of its other games like Warcraft, Candy Crush, Overwatch, Diablo, and Call of Duty, leaving behind the name of Starcraft 3. As we can see from the previous games of the Starcraft series they have been released at an interval of 10 years, evaluating that we can say, the Starcraft fan may have to wait a bit longer for a big surprise.

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Starcraft 3 for PS5 

These days the hype of PS5 is so much that before the arrival of any game, it is asked by the gaming fans that will it be available on PS5. The gamers have set this as a trend and because of the ongoing trend the company has to keep up with this. Gaming platforms like PS5 are not an ordinary deal. The mere experience of playing on a PS5 is an extraordinary feeling for gaming enthusiasts.  So, the game is much awaited on PS5.

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It is understandable for the gaming community that when a well-renowned company like Blizzard Entertainment brings a game to the market, it will be available on PS5. But there is always a difference between assumption and reality.

The reality here is that the game is not yet present in the market and the assumption here is that it may be available on PS5. Though all the previous versions of the games were only available on Microsoft Windows and Classic Mac OS, now it is just a matter of wait and watch.

Starcraft 3 for Xbox

SONY’s Xbox has been in the market for the past 19 years and its been providing its service to customers, fluently. Also, the company precedes its reputation. Like PS5, Xbox is also one of the primary choices of gamers.

As said earlier above, Starcraft ever since coming into the market has only been on the platforms like Microsoft Windows and Classic Mac OS but as everyone knows that this is an era of innovation and experimentation, and those who get along with it, get advanced in time. The same is with Starcraft 3 if the company brings it on a different platform than usual, no one knows what great benefits they can earn from it.

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Starcraft 3 or New Name?

There are no hits about Starcraft 3 when it is going to launch. A few months back Blizzard released a list of its upcoming game where there’s no space for Starcraft 3. So it may be the end of the series Starcraft? Well, no one knows, as the starcraft performance was not that much great as Overwatch, Call Of Duty and Diablo performed.

Starcraft 3 Depends on Fans

So there are chances of getting this game with a different name and a new storyline. Also, many things depend on the demand, if Starcraft fans want the next part then they have to make some noise over social media platforms. Recently Starcraft Motion Director said, “The best way for us to figure out our future is to hear from players”.

Starcraft 3 Trailer 

The official Starcraft 3 Trailer is not announced here, but here is one fan-made cinematic trailer for Starcraft. We do not support any trailer this is just for entertainment purposes.

Starcraft 3 Gameplay

Currently, there’s no Starcraft 3 gameplay available as the game is far away from release. You can find many gameplays on youtube claiming “Starcraft 3 gameplay”, but all of them are not real or they are Starcraft 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: Will there be a StarCraft 3?
Answer: Yes and it will be released in 2023-2024.

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  1. Am I the only one who did not like the dungeon crawl feel of the Starcraft 2 levels? I never made it last Liberty.

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