World Of Warcraft: WOW Classic Addons

Are you looking for WOW Classic Addons, if yes in this article will be talking about the Best WOW Classic Addons which everyone is liking the most

WOW aka World of Warcraft is a trend game since it was released in 2004. It has the greatest graphics and gameplay for MMORPG during 2004. Today, there are some players that are not satisfied with the current UI design. They tried to give feedback but it was always a slow reply or some got ignored. This forces some people to create some addons to make the game less complicated and easier gaming experience. There are variations of addons for you, some even have the same features. Therefore, I will be featuring the Best WOW Classic Addons here.

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Best WOW Classic Addons List

Many WOW players are using addons and after their recommendation or suggestions given down are the best WOW Classic addons.

WOW Classic Addons ListWOW Classic Addons Image
AtlasLoot ClassicAtlasLoot Classic-WOW-CLASSIC-ADDON

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World Of Warcraft Classic Addons
World Of Warcraft Classic Addons


MMORPG is all about raiding bosses and exploring dungeons. Doing these can get you some good gear/items to improve your state. That’s why this mod is the most famous among the players in 2020. The mods include features of warning you when there are events that are happening during boss-fight encounters. It even includes timers for when the next events/fight are going to happen. It also provides information about the boss to tell you what should and should not do as a result.

2. Questie

Quest is an important task for players to level up to unlock more in-game content. New players sometimes are confused where they should go next, where to complete a quest or where to get quests. Questie shows the location of these problems mentioned on the mini and world map. It will put available quests on your maps and mark the potential locations of your quest objectives.

questie wow classic addon

3. OMNICC Classic

OmniCC is a mod that helps players during battle. It is a mod that adds digital countdowns to everything likeability, items and more that is in your inventory. This mod is suitable for older players as some raids require calculation for perfect combo/damage to defeat enemies in battle/raid. The traditional analog timer sweep in Classic is not informative enough for high-level players. Thus making this mod a greatest mod.


4. AtlasLoot Classic

There are lots of raids and dungeons that have many loot drops in WoW. Players might sometimes confuse which boss to grind for the correct loot drops. This handy mod shows you the loot tables for every dungeon and raid in the game so you know which boss to grind for the gear you need, saving your time of searching it online.


5. Bagnon

WOW, players will have many accounts and managing your inventory by logging in and out sometimes annoys you. Bagnon is an inventory overhaul that makes sifting through your items easier. It will combine all your inventory and automatically sort and group items by type. There will also be a colour border for each item to know its item’s quality at a glance with the addition of a search function to find your items. The most important feature is that it lets you track items across multiple characters making you manage multiple accounts inventory easier.


6. GatherMate2

Tired of finding resources every time? WOW, players always farm the resources after they need it during crafting. GatherMate 2 provides features of saving locations of every herb you pick and every ore you mine. This will help you farm easier if you need it in the future. It can show all the resources on a map that farmed before. If you are new and don’t know where to find those, you can ask your guildmate to share the data they have and it will show on your minimap.


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How to Install/Add World Of Warcraft Classic Addons

WOW Classic Addons is essential for the game as it provides a smoother experience to your grinding experience. Now, showing how to install World Of Warcraft Classic Addons into your game. Before following the guide please make sure that you have launched the game from your hardware at least once. This will create the folder that we will be using.

WOW Classic Addons Install Manually

  1. Download your addons in .ZIP files.
  2. Find your WoW files AddOns location.(Default Location: Program Files (x86)/World of Warcraft/_classic_/Interface/AddOns)
  3. Open your zip file.
  4. Extract your .ZIP file into the location.
  5. Launch the game.
  6. On the Character screen, click AddOns Menu and enable the addons you download.
  7. Enjoy your addons.

WOW Classic Addons Install via Twitch

  1. Open your Twitch application.
  2. Go to the Mods section, then find World of Warcraft and click into it.
  3. From the top right down menu, select the folder for WoW Classic.
  4. Click ‘Get More Addons’ and search your addons.
  5. Click install and wait for the installation
  6. You will see your addons on ‘My Addons’ TAB.
  7. Launch the game.
  8. On the Character screen, click into AddOns Menu and enable the addons you download.
  9. Enjoy your addons.

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