Blue Protocol Release Date, Trailer, News & Rumors [2023]

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Looking for Blue Protocol Release Date? If yes then there is some bad news along with some good news. Blue Protocol is an upcoming game for game enthusiasts.

blue protocol online release date
blue protocol online release date

These days gaming on any electronic device is seen as a common sight among users of any age that you can consider. Gaming has become such a famous profession that everyone wants to try their hands in it. There are a lot of games available of different Genres for different categories of gamers. One such game is Blue Protocol created by Bandai Namco that people will love to play as it’s free to play MMORPG.

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About Blue Protocol

The news of the Blue Protocol game was first announced by Bandai Namco in the year 2019 in Unreal Engine 4. The developer team behind the Blue Protocol game has worked on various successful games like Tales Series, Ace Combat, and Tekken.

Blue Protocol has run through multiple Alpha and Beta tests in Japan, which was a successful mission accomplished by the team. Blue Protocol is an action battle system and an online JRPG (Japanese Role-Playing Game). It is seen by many that Blue Protocol is a game set up in the open world and an RPG (Role Playing Game), that is clearly inspired by the work of Zelda Breath of the Wild and the Xenoblade series.


Blue Protocol Release Date

The basic news about the Blue Protocol Release Date is that it is not released anywhere in the world. Although various sources claim that the game is going to be first released in Japan at the end of the current year 2021.

Talking about other countries, it is heard that the game is not yet going to be released in the Western world and there isn’t any fixed date for when it is going to be released in the West. As the game has gone through a lot of beta tests in Japan and it is because of this, that the game is seen as a suitable candidate to be released in Japan at the end of the year 2023.


Blue Protocol for PlayStation

As it is well known till now that the game is not yet released, any promises of the game being released on the PlayStation platform can be vague in nature. A bit of certainty can be seen from people talking in the gaming community that the game being released on the PlayStation Platform can take some time.

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Blue Protocol for Xbox

Xbox is one of those gaming platforms that like to get the new games on it, as soon as possible. The same can be the case with Blue Protocol, it might be possible that the game can be released on it whenever the game comes out, but to see the result, we have to wait for some time.


Blue Protocol for Nintendo Switch

Gamers of the Nintendo Switch platform have been waiting for the game for quite some time now. It is assumed that Nintendo Switch might be the platform that the company would be interested in launching the game on, but it is just a matter of waiting and watching to see where the game gets released.

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Blue Protocol for PC

PC is a place where we usually see a majority of the games getting launched on before it gets launched on any other platform. It is because the number of users using a PC is far more than any other platform. Therefore, this makes PC a valid place for the Blue Protocol game to be first launched before any other platform.

Blue Protocol Release Date
Blue Protocol Release Date

Blue Protocol System Requirements

System Requirements are something that can make or break a deal for gamers. If you have a system that is compatible with any game to play, you might want to get the new games that come into the market and play it, but if your system is not compatible with the upcoming games, any new game that comes into the market won’t attract your attention.

To play this game, there are certain minimum Blue Protocol system requirements that a gamer has to fill to play the game otherwise they are not eligible to play the game, or instead, the system is not eligible to play the game.

  • OS- Windows 7 64-bit
  • Processor- Intel Core i3-560 3.3 GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 805
  • Graphics- AMD Radeon R7 360X or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750Ti
  • RAM- 4GB of system memory
  • Hard Disk- 40 GB of space needed

Note – Blue Protocol will run on Unreal Engine and on PC it will require Radeon RX 580 graphics and 8GB storage along with GPU that can deliver DirectX 11.

Blue Protocol Trailer

The Blue Protocol will surely live up to its expectations if see the trailer of the game. The trailer in every sense is pleasing to gamers’ eyes. There is a lot of action and scenic beauty in the trailer that makes the game action-packed and beautiful in its own way.

Blue Protocol Rumors

There are a lot of rumors about the game and the platforms it is going to be released. Some say that the game is set to release to the rest of the world at the same time it will come in Japan and some say that it is not possible. There is a difference in opinion about the platforms too, some say that the game will be released on all platforms at the same time while the majority say that the game will be first released on PC first.

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