Konar OSRS Wiki | How to Get Konar, Points & Tips [2023]

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Konar OSRS: These keys are dropped while on a task from Konar Quo Maten, who is a level 75 combat slayer master. No matter whether you are new or old to the game. Whenever you finally hit level 75, you are eager to go out and try your new slayer master and get some keys! No matter if this is your first time or if you just need a refresher, here are some tips and facts about Konar quo Maten and the brimstone key!


How do you get to Konar Osrs? (Location)

Konar is located on the top of Mount Karuulm in the north-west section of Zeah’s Kebos lowlands. The easiest way to get to her location is the fairy code C•I•R or by using a skills necklace teleport to the Farming guild. After you finally get there, if you have 29|62 agility, you can take the shortcut route and use the agility shortcuts to get to the top of the mountain. If not, run around the trail to the back of the mountain and up the middle to the peak. She’ll be standing there waiting to give you a plethora of new tasks and a massive amount of points, only falling to second-best to Krystalia(Wilderness master), at a whopping 18 points per task!

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Konar OSRS Wiki| Konar OSRS Tips

She sells stone boots, you’ll need these to be able to enter her dungeon. The floor of the dungeon causes heat damage to unsuspecting players. She is the only slayer master to assign specific locations where she would like you to do your slayer task.


Konar OSRS Points per task

  • Every task: 18
  • Every tenth task: 90
  • Every 50th task: 270
  • Every 100th task: 450
  • Every 250th task: 630
  • Every 1000th task: 900

Konar will only accept slayer substitutions if they fall into the same monster category. For example :

  • Vorkath doesn’t count towards a blue dragon task. •skatizo counts for a black demon task in the catacombs’ dungeon
  • The abyssal sire doesn’t count for abyssal demons assigned to the abyssal area.
  • You can not kill a lizardman shaman in the place of a lizardman.

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The average value of a key, which is used to open the chest next to Konar, is around 93k. The probability of getting a key from a drop depends on how high the combat of the dropping monster is. It also goes up by 20 percent if the assigned monster has the required level to slay it. All in all, a well-rounded slayer master, and she’s definitely worth a shot.


This is all for this article on Konar OSRS. Good luck with your rng and OSRS adventures! Stay tuned with us for more updates on OSRS and don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter given down below. If you have any queries do comment down below.

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