Shadow Fight 4 Release Date, System Requirements & Rumors

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Are you looking for Shadow Fight 4 Release Date? Then this article is for you. Shadow Fight is one of the most loving gaming series of the era and after the successful launch of the three parts, now Shadow Fight 4 is coming. To know more about Shadow Fight 4, let’s read out the article.


Shadow Fight Series 

The game series was developed by Nekki and was published last 2011 on the Facebook platform followed by sequels that are accessible freely on mobile devices. The game involves martial arts and is revolves around combatants fighting each other in an arena.

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In the first part of the game, players start as ninjas who can only fight bare-handed before accessing the weapons. With fighting, players will earn XP and coins that are usable for purchasing weapons and other things.

It can also be used to upgrade the player’s skills and abilities. While in the game, players can either choose to combat other online players or explore the features in the game using the map. 


It was a very successful game that Nekki decided to published a sequel Shadow Fight 2 last 2014 which undeniably received lots of praise.

The game is made accessible to mobile devices and later to 8th generation consoles. Around 2016, Shadow Fight 3 was released which fans already anticipated to come.

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Unlike the previous 2 series, Shadow Fight 3 uses a more life-like character combating in a quality environment. The gameplay it gives to the players is top-notch so now players are patiently waiting for the release of Shadow Fight 4 which expects to be more enhanced. 

Shadow Fight 4 Release Date 

There are no official words from Nekki yet about Shadow Fight 4 Release Date, however, players can expect the successor game somewhere around 2023 if not later this year.

Nekki has released another variant of the game called Shadow Fight Arena which is a PvP-focused game across compatible modes. So, Shadow Fight 4 might take a while to be available in the market. 


Shadow Fight 4 for PlayStation 

Based on the previous series of Shadow Fight, the games are made available for mobile devices, Nintendo Switch, PC, and selected other consoles.

So, likely the successor game Shadow Fight 4 shall be accessible on the same platforms, however, who knows Nekki is planning to extend to other platforms as well.

That will be great for both the company and the fans. Now we have to wait till the further announcement on Shadow Fight 4 for PlayStation.

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Shadow Fight 4 for Xbox 

Though there is still no official announcement from the company itself, if the supposed Shadow Fight 4 shall be released later this year or next year then fans can anticipate it can be playable as well on the next generation of consoles aside from mobile devices and PC. 


Shadow Fight 4 for Nintendo Switch 

Possible access to the sequel game in Nintendo Switch is never impossible to happen, although fans should not expect it right away once the game will be publicized. But, one thing is for sure just like the other series of the game, players can play the game as well on this platform. 

Shadow Fight 4 for PC 

For players who use a PC as long as it meets the system requirements then there will be no problem aside from the fact that the game is probably still under development.

It will be made available for Windows and iOS just like the first three parts of the series. The game is accessible through BlueStacks, so make sure you download it first. 

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Shadow Fight 4 System Requirements 

For a better gameplay experience, the requirements of the device a player will use must meet the criteria needed. Shadow Fight 4 will be a more enhanced and improved game compared to the previous series, so it is expected that the Shadow Fight 4 System Requirements are a little higher for a great experience in playing.

The developers recommend around 2 GB RAM in the system, and at least 12 GB of free disk space for installing the game. An Intel Core of 2 Quad Q9705 for a smooth experience in running the game. And, to run the game with the highest settings developers recommend NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT. 

  • 2 GB RAM
  • Windows 10, 8 32 Bits
  • Storage 12 GB
  • GPU 4 GB

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Shadow Fight 4 Trailer 

Although there are a lot of fan-made trailers for the coming game, an official trailer for it is still in the hands of the people in Nekki. However, players can expect it anytime soon as the game is expected to come around the last quarter of 2023 or early next year. 

Shadow Fight 4 [YouTube Video]


Shadow Fight 4 Rumors 

According to some players, Shadow Fight 4 will give a very futuristic vibe to the players with its environment setting that has never been shown even from the previous series.

Players anticipate that it will somewhat be like a mixed environment of a past and future in-game environment. There are also rumors saying the Shadow Fight 4 Release Date will announce after the release date of Shadow Fight Arena 2.


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This is all for the article, Shadow Fight 4 Release Date is far away from us, but you can get an update once it is announced. To get the notification for any news or information on Shadow Fight 4 do subscribe to our newsletter given down below.

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