[SOLVED] How to Fix PlayStation Network Sign In Failed: 2021

Are you facing PlayStation Network Sign In Failed whenever you are trying to get into it? If yes then this article is for you where you will get to know about the solutions for this problem.

PlayStation Network Sign in Failed
PlayStation Network Sign in Failed

The PlayStation by Sony is one of the best-selling gaming consoles around the world. It has been seen that since the release of PlayStation 5 in 2020, it has been on the top of the gaming console list around the world with amazing games available on this gaming platform. One thing about these gaming consoles and particularly about Sony’s PlayStation is that it faces the “PlayStation Network Sign In Failed” error, which can ruin the mood of every gamer out there. To get rid of this situation, today in this article I am going to talk about the reasons behind this error and how you can get rid of it.

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Reasons: PlayStation Network Sign In Failed

It is a sure thing that whenever your PlayStation gets an error of “PlayStation Network Sign In Failed” there cannot be any single or specific reason behind it. There are a few reasons that can affect your PlayStation login and get you the “PlayStation Network Sign In Failed” error. All the reasons behind this error are mentioned below, you can read along to properly understand these reasons.

Reasons: PlayStation Network Sign In Failed
Reason 1: Wrong Login Credentials
Reason 2: Error from ISP
Reason 3: Banned IP Address
Reason 4: Server Maintenance
why playstation network sign in failed
Why PlayStation network sign in failed

Wrong Login Credentials

It is possible and often happens with a lot of gaming enthusiasts that they do input the Wrong Login Credentials. It can be a certain case that you may have forgotten your username or password and tried to sign in to the PlayStation server using the incorrect details. To get out of this loop, after three attempts, you should better try to retrieve your details rather than continue trying to log in, as this may eventually result in an IP ban. So be sure that whenever you do not remember the Login Credentials, try to retrieve them as soon as possible, otherwise, it can be a headache for you.


Error from ISP

If you want to connect to the PlayStation Network, your PlayStation console and your ISP (Internet Service Provider) usually work in sync with each other to help you find the appropriate location of the PlayStation server and then access the information on it. This is done in two steps, with the first one being DNS/Name Resolution and the second the Data Transmitted To Your PlayStation.

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If your ISP is having problems with the PlayStation DNS then this address may not ‘resolve’, and you’ll have trouble accessing the PS network server. As for the Data Transmitted To Your PlayStation, perhaps your ISP is having problems with routing and proxy. This is usually a temporary problem that you can just wait to get resolved. In many cases, modifying the proxy settings on PlayStation can resolve this issue, but it does not happen always.

PlayStation Error from ISP
PlayStation Error from ISP

Banned IP Address

If you are facing an IP ban, then please understand that this ban is implemented to protect the PlayStation server from abuse. To confirm you are blocked from accessing the PlayStation server, you should as usual try to log into PSN using your account to see what kind of connection error message you’re facing. If the reason behind the ban is the IP address, you will receive the IP Address ban popup.

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The most common scenario for getting blocked by the PlayStation server is trying to log in too many times within seconds or with incorrect credentials. Most servers have a time limit placed for the number of login attempts. So if you find yourself mistyping the username and password several times, it would be better to reset your password rather than risk getting blocked.

Banned IP Address PlayStation
Banned IP Address PlayStation

Server Maintenance

If you are a PlayStation user then you might very well know that Sony routinely performs maintenance on the PlayStation server to keep it functioning smoothly. Though if the server is under maintenance, you will still be able to sign in to PlayStation Network as well as play games or use most applications while they’re performing routine maintenance but you have to remember that Account Management and PlayStation Video are inaccessible until their maintenance time has ended.

Playstation Server Maintenance
PlayStation Server Maintenance

How to Fix PlayStation Network Sign In Failed [2021]

There are a few things to remember or a few steps that you can follow to get rid of the “PlayStation Network Sign In Failed” error that is keeping you away from signing in to your PlayStation Network and restricting you to play games on PlayStation. The various ways to fix this problem are given below.

Methods to Fix PlayStation Network Sign In Failed
Fix 1: Automatic Login
Fix 2: Update Your PS4 Firmware
Fix 3: Disable Media Server Connection
Fix 4: Change DNS Settings
Fix 5: Rebuild Database
Fix 6: Reset Your PS4 to Default Settings
Fix PlayStation Network Sign In Failed
Fix PlayStation Network Sign In Failed

Fix 1: Automatic Login

To fix the “PlayStation Network Sign In Failed“, you can choose the option of automatic login as it will help you log in to PlayStation on its own and you won’t have to manually login to PlayStation. To automatically login to PlayStation you have to first Go to Settings and then choose the User option. Secondly, you have to Move to Login Settings and tick the Log in PlayStation Automatically option. Finally, you can Restart your console and try to sign in again to see if the issue is fixed or not.

Fix 2: Update Your PS4/PS5 Firmware

If you are facing the “PlayStation Network Sign In Failed” issue, it can be the fault of your PlayStation too. For that, you can try to update your PlayStations Firmware. You can update the firmware manually or you can do it by using an external storage device. To update the firmware manually you have to Go to Settings on your console and then Select System Software Update. Now click on Update Now and when the download is complete, read the System Software License Agreement. Then, click Accept and press the X button to confirm your choice. Once you are done with this, you can attempt to login into PlayStation and see if the issue is still present or not.

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Fix 3: Disable Media Server Connection

It is possible that the “PlayStation Network Sign In Failed” issue might be present on your PlayStation because of the Media Server Connection. You can try to disable the Media Server Connection to see if the issue is still there with your PlayStation or not. To Disable the Media Server Connection you have to first Go to Settings and then select the Network from the menu. You will reach the Media Server Connection option. Here you have to Click the option to disable it and the Media Server Connection will be disabled.

PlayStation Server Connection
PlayStation Server Connection

Fix 4: Change DNS Settings

The “PlayStation Network Sign In Failed” issue can be because of the blocked IP address. Further, to unblock the IP address, you can try changing DNS settings. To change the DNS settings first you have to go to Settings and then to Network. In-Network, select Internet Connection Setup and later on select the Use Wi-Fi to connect to the network option and then choose Custom. After this, select the Wi-Fi network you want to use and then set the IP Address Settings as Automatic.

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Now, Select Do Not Specify on the DHCP Host Name screen and select Manual under DNS Settings and then enter the Google DNS (Primary DNS –, Secondary DNS – After that, click the Next button to continue. When you are done with all these steps and you see MTU Settings, select Manual, and then set the MTU value as 1456. Finally, Click Do Not Use under Proxy Server. Then, click Test Internet Connection. When the test comes to an end, please try to sign in again into PlayStation Network to see if the issue is still present or not.

PS4 DNS Settings
PS4 DNS Settings

Fix 5: Rebuild Database

If the majority of the options are not working for you, you should try rebuilding the database as it can help you. To rebuild the database, first, you have to Power off your PlayStation. Secondly, Hold the Power button for 8 seconds. Now, Connect your dual shock 4 to your PlayStation using a charging cable and then press the PlayStation button. Finally, Navigate down to the rebuilt database option and press X. Hence, you are done rebuilding your database.

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Fix 6: Reset Your PS4/PS5 to Default Settings

If nothing is working for you, you should Reset Your PS4/PS5 to Default Settings. To reset the PS4/PS5, you have to first go to Settings and then choose Initialization. Here, Select Initialize PS4/PS5 and then select Full on the next page to perform a full factory reset. Finally, you are done resetting. An important thing to remember before resetting your PS4/PS5 is that you should keep in mind that resetting will erase all your data on your internal drive and you won’t be able to get your data back. So proceed to this option after properly thinking about it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: Why does it say PlayStation network sign-in failed?
Answer: You might face the PlayStation network sign-in failed error because of some reasons like Wrong Login Credentials, Error from ISP, Banned IP Address, Server Maintenance, etc.

FAQ 2: What does it mean by PlayStation network sign-in failed?
Answer: The PlayStation network sign-in failed means that you will not be able to log in to your PlayStation account and also, you won’t be able to play any game on your PlayStation.

PlayStation 4 Network Error
PlayStation 4 Network Error

This is all about the guide along with the methods to fix PlayStation network sign in failed. If you still facing this error then contact the support team or take it to the nearest service center. Also, if you are new to us, then don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more PlayStation updates.


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