5 Best Games Like Slay The Spire in 2023 [Ultimate List]

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If you are one of the many on the list of online gaming fans who love to play deck-building games in your free time or professionally, then you have come to the right place. Here in this article, we are going to talk about the well-known game Slay The Spire and the 5 Best Games Like Slay The Spire

slay the spire
slay the spire

With the emergence of modern games, professional gaming has gained increasing popularity in recent days. Professional gaming is starting to gain recognition across the world. A few gaming enthusiasts in the gaming industry are getting paid a certain amount for their gaming skills and they are even quitting their daily jobs to play games professionally (though it’s not advisable to be into gaming after quitting your daily jobs).

Gaming enthusiasts have several genres of games at their disposal today. One of them is deck-building. If you start surfing for deck-building games on the internet, you will come across a gazillion games. Out of these, one such game that has been a part of many gaming fanatics’ lives is Slay The Spire.

Best Games Like Slay The Spire
Best Games Like Slay The Spire

About Slay The Spire

The gamers out there who just came across this game need to understand that the name of the game means to slay the in-game opponent with the best moves possible. Deck games are card games that reflect your actions on the screen when you use a card in the game. The thing with Slay the Spire is that there are hundreds of cards available in the game, all with different consequences. Each card will have a different effect in store when you use them. Each hand that you will play in the game will feel unique and surprising.

The game was first available on Windows, macOS, and Linux back in January 2019. The most recent platform that it was released on is iOS, in February 2021. The main gameplay of the game includes drawing cards in front of your opponents to perform attack and defense moves while facing off your opponents. The first one to make the other’s health zero is the one who wins the game.

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A good thing about the game here is that whenever you defeat your enemy in the game, a new card is added to your deck to expand your tactical options along with your character’s experience. In Slay the Spire there are four different combatants, and you have to choose one of them to play the game with. All four combatants have different strategies, strengths, and weaknesses to win the game, and with the help of these combatants, you have to make your way across the map.

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5 Best Games Like Slay The Spire

You could be a person who has been into gaming for a very long time or a beginner who is new to the gaming world. On going over the internet you could easily know that the options for online deck-building games are infinite. However, choosing the one that best suits you is the challenge that many of us usually face. You don’t need to worry since, with the five best Games like Slay The Spire that are given below, you can surely start your journey with any of them.

5 Best Games Like Slay The Spire
1. Trials of Fire
2. Griftlands
3. The Binding of Isaac
4. Banners of Ruin
5. Across The Obelisk

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Trials of Fire

Trials of Fire is one such deck-building game like Slay The Spire where tactical combat is involved. You have to choose from any of the three characters given in the game before you go on to fight across a wasteland after a disaster. The battle in the game is controlled by withdrawing the best card possible in a way that only favors you.

The main focus of the game is to place a card deck that will help you decide your next move and lead you to victory. The difference between this game and Slay The Spire is that, here you get to assemble the deck of three warriors whereas in the latter the number was only one.

Trials of Fire: Game Like Slay The Spire
Trials of Fire: Game Like Slay The Spire


Griftlands can be played on platforms like Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Linux, and Mac. The game is well known among gaming enthusiasts and is one of the best deck card games, made by Canadian video game development company Klei Entertainment Inc. ( KLAY).

Griftlands is one of the first games by Klei Entertainment in the deck builder segment and has been a famous one since its release. The game time of Griftlands is longer compared to Slay The Spire; the game mechanics of both games are nearly the same.

Griftlands: Game Like Slay The Spire
Griftlands: Game Like Slay The Spire

The Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac is available on platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac, and is one of the most famous rogue-like games that you will come across in modern times. Throughout the year, many spin offs of the game have been introduced in the gaming community, like Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Afterbirth, and Repentance. Yet, the gameplay mostly remains the same. The game can be easily played by using different characters, items, synergies, and even various combat strategies.

The Binding of Isaac: Game Like Slay The Spire
The Binding of Isaac: Game Like Slay The Spire

Banners of Ruin

Banners of Ruin can be played on platforms like Windows and Nintendo Switch. The game involves creating a group of up to six animal characters with unique cards. The abilities that you will get with these characters will define your deck’s playstyle and how you move in the game.

The game is set up in a place called Dawn’s Point, which is a fantasy place that you have to save by defeating your enemies by forming new alliances in any way possible. As you proceed in the game, you will come across new weapons and armor that will provide you with great help in winning the game. Finally, to win the game, you will have to learn from your failures in the game, and this wisdom will help you get new cards in your arsenal.

Banners of Ruin: Game Like Slay The Spire
Banners of Ruin: Game Like Slay The Spire

Across The Obelisk

Across The Obelisk can be played on platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux, and is one of the most recent releases in the given list. The game has the same features as Slay The Spire as it is a rogue-like deck builder. The difference that you will see in this game is that there is a cooperative mode.

With this mode, you can have four players at once and you can choose from the eleven characters present in the game. If you have friends who like to play Slay The Spire but are missing out on the action due to the absence of a co-op feature, then Across The Obelisk is the one that you should go for.

Across The Obelisk: Game Like Slay The Spire
Across The Obelisk: Game Like Slay The Spire

These are some Best Games Like Slay The Spire. If you like our recommendations then do share this list with your friends and keep visiting omggamer.com for more gaming updates. 

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