For Honor Tier List [March] 2023: Heroes/Characters List

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Are you looking for For Honor Tier List for March 2023? If yes then you are at the right place. In this article, we will be talking about the 6 For Honor Tier that is S-Tier, A-Tier, B-Tier, C-Tier, D-Tier,  and F-Tier.

For more than 2 decades now, a lot of people have been enjoying online games. It is also seen around the world that people these days are taking playing games as a profession and it is a life-changing lifestyle for them. The gaming horizon has expanded so much that we are seeing gamers from the age of four or five to the age of more than eighty years.

For Honor Game
For Honor Game

A big choice that you have to make by being a gamer is that you have to choose the right set of gaming Genres for yourself, though it does not mean that you are not allowed to play a game from a different Genre from what you initially choose.

Though some people think that playing games are a waste of time but it is not actually the case, if you choose the right set of games for yourself they can help you develop your mental ability and improve your decision-making.

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All these important aspects help you shape your life differently. There are a lot of good games available in the market that you choose from and For Honor is one of them. Everything that you want to know about the game is given below. It is better to know about the game that you intend to buy or play so that you better understand it while playing it.

About For Honor Game

For Honor has been present in the market since 2017 and it is enjoyed by a lot of gamers from that time onwards. It is an action-adventure game that is developed by Ubisoft Montreal and is published by Ubisoft.

The game was first released in February of 2017 and has been present on various platforms like Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game belongs to the action and fighting Genre and can be played in single-player mode as well as multiplayer mode.

For Honor Tier List
For Honor Tier List

Talking about the game, it has a medieval and fantasy setting. There are four different factions in the game and the players can choose the characters from any one of them to play the game. The four factions are named the Iron Legions (Knights), the Warborns (Vikings), the Dawn Empire (Samurai), and the Wu Lin (Ancient Chinese).

There is also a specific quote of every hero in their own language that gets enabled when certain actions are performed. If we talk about the language of the fighters, the Knights speak Latin, the Vikings speak Icelandic, the Samurai speak Japanese and the Wu Lin speak Mandarin.

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For Honor Tier List March 2023

As the game has four factions there are plenty of players or fighters that you can choose from and play the game you want to, but it is not that easy to just choose any character and play it.

The characters are specifically defined in some Tiers that tell us what are the full capabilities of that character. There is a list of Tiers given below that will help you choose the characters wisely and your game does not suffer because of them.



These are the best characters in the game and you won’t regret it if you have them by your side in the game. If you invest in them as soon as you get them, you will make your game much easier than you think.

S Tier List: For Honor Game
Jiang Jun

Gryphon – Gryphon belongs to the Knights faction and he is a hybrid type hero. He is known for wreaking havoc in the games and it is clearly visible to everyone when they see him. Gryphon’s attacks are quick and unpredictable. For opponents, what next move Gryphon is going to make can be overwhelming.

gryphon for honor tier list
gryphon for honor tier list

Warmonger – Warmonger belongs to the knight’s faction and is a vanguard-type hero. The special thing about Warmonger is that he has a corruption ability that carries him to this top Tier. At the current moment, there is no counter for his corruption ability and also his zoning abilities immensely add to its viability.


The heroes of this Tier are also excellent if compared to S Tier ones and can be tough competitors for the S Tier sometimes. If you have a proper setup, team composition, and a bit of practice with these Tier characters, they can really benefit you.

A Tier List: For Honor Game
Black Prior

Conqueror – This hero belongs to the Knights faction and is a heavy hero type. It is often seen that Conqueror is one of the hardest heroes to go against in the game. Though his attacks deal decent damage, if you have 2 conquerors in your team then you can take advantage of their zoning abilities to lock an area down.

Hitokiri – Hitokiri belongs to the samurai faction and is a heavy hero type. If you want to ruin your opponent’s day, Hitokiri’s spamming tactics are one that you should use. A good thing about them is that they are powerful as well as unblockable.

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If you want to add the heroes from this Tier, they are always considered a good option to add to your team in the game. Some of the heroes in this tier are easy to learn and they are considered perfect for players of all skill levels.

B Tier List: For Honor Game

Shaman – Shaman belongs to the Viking faction and is an Assassin-type hero. He is considered a good hero but he is only effective when you have good team coordination. The qualities that make him stick to the assassin class are anti ambush, anti-chain, and chasing abilities.

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Jormungandr – Jormungandr belongs to the Viking faction and his hero type is Heavy. If you want to talk about a hero that can survive in any situation, Jormungandr is the one to go for. He has a combination of health, shield, and damage reduction buffs that takes his already impressive defense resume to a new level.



They are also considered good heroes but you cannot expect them to have any exceptional qualities like the heroes from the above Tier. They can be useful when the time comes but you cannot totally rely on them to save your game and help you move forward.

C Tier List: For Honor Game

Lawbringer – Lawbringer belongs to the knight’s faction and his hero type is Hybrid. Though a lot of people do not use the Lawbringer, he is still considered a solid hero to look up to. If you want to go for a mid-lane offensive hero, he is a really good choice.

for honor tier list characters list
for honor tier list characters list

Nobushi – Nobushi belongs to the Samurai faction and is a hybrid-type hero. If you want to make an ambush squad, then Nobushi is the guy you are looking for because he has a damage output coupled with inflicting bleed damage that can really help you. He also has good zoning and cloud clearing abilities.

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If you want to have solo matchmaking, the heroes from this tier are not the ones that you should go for. You can use the D Tier heroes if have a specific team in mind and you want your heroes to play a specific role and not anything more than that.

D Tier List: For Honor Game

Highlander – Highlander belongs to the Vikings faction and his hero type is hybrid. Highlander is much of a defensive character than an offensive one because on his offensive side he has spam-able light attacks only while on the defensive side he has attacks like the ability to reset fight and dodge.

For Honor Characters Tier List
For Honor Characters Tier List

Nuxia – Nuxia belongs to the Wu Lin faction and is an Assassin-type hero. Nuxia has been considered a definition of niche support as its best asset is its trap that it can set in any lane. This will either bolster the lane’s defense or set up good initiation for your team.


If you find the characters in this last Tier, they are here for a specific reason. They are considered the worst heroes in the game and if you ever get them, try to get rid of them, as soon as possible because they are no good. If you want a challenge in your game, then only you should use these characters.

F Tier List: For Honor Game

Aramusha – Aramusha belongs to the samurai faction and is a hybrid-type hero. Though it is an F-Tier character, it has strong moves. The main problem resides in the situation that it does not have any moves that can create an opening for those attacks.

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Shinobi – Shinobi belongs to the samurai faction and is an Assassin-type of hero. The only utility that Shinobi has right now is its ranged attacks, which most of the time do not do any damage at all.

This is all for For Honor Tier List March 2023, if you are new to omggamer then do subscribe to our newsletter for more gaming updates. Also, share this For Honor Tier List with your friends with the help of the sharing button.

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