5 Best Games Like Harvest Moon in 2023 [Gamers Choice]

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If you are looking to play farming-related games which involve cultivating a given area and growing certain crops that have been famous for a very long time now then you have come to the right place as we going to talk about Harvest Moon and 5 Best Games Like Harvest Moon.

Games Like Harvest Moon
Games Like Harvest Moon

Gamers these days like to explore games from every genre possible so as to diversify their portfolio. The list of contemporary games is so long that gaming enthusiasts cannot play every game that comes out in the gaming market, poor games that have been present for more than a decade. Out of the several categories of games available, the farming game has its own fanbase, and that is what this article is all about.

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About Harvest Moon

There are a few games on the internet that have been standing for a very long time now, perhaps decades. These games still are growing at a steady pace because of the gamers who like to play them on a regular basis or occasionally.

We know a few farming games that are famous among a lot of gamers today, like Farmville, Stardew Valley, etc., but before the saga where farming games started to gain traction, there was Harvest Moon. Harvest Moon is a Japanese farming video game that dates back to 1996 and was created by Yasuhiro Wada.

The purpose behind the creation of this game was to show how rural life works and what things are needed to be done to keep that life on track.

The basic framework of the game is about escaping from the busy city life to the country life. After going to the countryside, you have to start from scratch by making a living in the nearby village.

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Though initially, the game was all about growing vegetables, maturing animals, developing neighborhood friendships, etc., things changed when the game came under the new management in 2014.

Previously, life was getting monotonous in the game. Now, you don’t have to stay in the same place where you have been cultivating for quite some time; instead, you can pack everything you have created, like your agriculture area, and move to other locations.

It is basically just like setting up a campsite. When you move across the territory inside the game, you will be able to grow different crops according to the places you go; however, there’s no difference in how you look after them.

harvest moon game
harvest moon game

Apart from being the great game that Harvest Moon once was, there are a few downsides to it now. These days when you play Harvest Moon, there is a possibility that you won’t feel connected to the game’s nature because lesser work and easier rewards have lessened the quality of the game.

Various things in the game, like the rare seeds that once needed time to grow, can now be done too quickly. This has taken the value out of the rewards given in the game.

Unfortunately, some games in the industry do not age well as developers put fewer efforts into new updates. However, you need not worry as here we have the 5 best games like Harvest Moon which can surely lift your mood when it comes to modern farming and cultivation games.

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5 Best Games Like Harvest Moon

The online gaming industry has seen a boom in games of different genres in the last decade. The same is the case with farming games, like Harvest Moon.

Now that there are several choices to pick from, you don’t need to worry about selecting the best ones, as we have got you covered with the Best Games Like Harvest Moon given below.

5 Best Games Like Harvest Moon
1. Travellers Rest
2. World's Dawn
3. Castaway Paradise
4. Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin
5. Garden Paws

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Travellers Rest

Travellers Rest is one such game that does justice to its name. The game is about an individual who owns a small tavern and has the simple job of dealing with his customers.

The task that you need to accomplish in the game is keeping your customer’s glasses filled with the drinks of their choice while cooking food and upgrading the bar’s amenities for them.

Eventually, the game will reward you for your efforts as you can proceed to plant trees and crops in the game. There are customizations for the character’s dresses and even the bar’s layout. The way you serve your customers and their response to your service is the ultimate reward for you in the game.

Travellers Rest
Travellers Rest

World’s Dawn

World’s dawn will take you to the best era of the Harvest Moon when the game was retro-themed and the characters seemed hand-drawn. The game has an open-ended design that is a great benefit for gamers as it allows them to set their own goals in the game.

The setting of goals can be anything from raising an army of healthy and happy cattle, honing your skills as a farmer, or even finding a soulmate for yourself. This game is a perfect example of a scenario where gamers want a vintage game that can be played on the new hardware settings.

World's Dawn Games Like Harvest Moon
World’s Dawn Games Like Harvest Moon

Castaway Paradise

Castaway Paradise was developed by Stolen Couch Games and can be easily played on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox 1, Android, and iOS. The gameplay goes as you have to play a character who gets trapped in a storm and lands on a tropical island.

You have to set your tent on the island after you get familiar with the locals, as they help you proceed with the task. You then have to work harmoniously and fulfill all the favors of your neighbors. Once you work the way your neighbors want, you will be rewarded in every stage of the game.

Castaway Paradise Games Like Harvest Moon
Castaway Paradise Games Like Harvest Moon

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin was developed by Edelweiss and can be played on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox 1, and Nintendo Switch. This is not just any regular farming game that you often come across.

It is action-packed with quite the combat experience. Here, you are a young farmer who has been exiled from a locality and has to live on a dangerous island.

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You play a female character in the game and to prove her worth to the people that she lived with, you have to contribute to the land and the people by growing rice harvests and making the village safer. You even have to defeat monsters and gather valuable resources in the game to get through every day.

Sakuna Of Rice and Ruin Games Like Harvest Moon
Sakuna Of Rice and Ruin Games Like Harvest Moon

Garden Paws

If you want to go for the cutest game on the list, then Garden Paws is the one that you should go for. The game is inspired by games like Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, etc., and you have to play any one of the characters like a rabbit, a chipmunk, a dog, a cat, or even a small dragon. 

Though you have to do tasks like managing a farm, gathering supplies, and exploring caves, beaches, and forests for treasure, there is always something that you could do in your free time.

Garden Paws Games Like Harvest Moon
Garden Paws Games Like Harvest Moon

These are some Best Games Like Harvest Moon. Let us know, which game you are going to play from the above mention games. Also, Share this list with your friend and keep visiting omggamer.com for more gaming updates. 

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