How to Donate on Twitch in 2023 [Steamers, Paypal & PS4]

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How to Donate on Twitch? Don’t worry this article will help you out. Gaming has become such a big career that professional gamers these days are no less than any celebrity out there. Professional gamers are so well known and in demand these days that some of them are paid nearly the amount that is paid to some well-known celebrities out there. And because of this fame, the gamers have a lot of followers on their social media platforms.


One such platform that is used to host an online game stream is Twitch. The fans on these platforms donate money to their celebrated gamers for their efforts in the game. Here we are going to talk about donation on Twitch as how fans or people donate to the streamers on Twitch.

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How to donate on Twitch?

Now how to donate on twitch? Donating on Twitch is not something that you won’t be able to do as it is a simple task if you go through the process properly. There are a few ways that can help you donate on Twitch. The first one being is that you can directly donate on Twitch. Another type of donation can be done by trying to buy anything from the affiliate link provided by the streamer, as the benefit goes to the streamer too.


You can also support a streamer through a subscription or you can even buy Twitch Prime subscription to support or donate to your favorite streamer. Lastly, you can either gift a subscription or you can also donate on Twitch with Bits. The following steps will allow you to properly understand the donation process.

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How To Support Twitch Streamers With Donations?

Supporting your favorite Twitch Streamer With Donations can be either done while he or she is streaming live or if they are not live you can still donate them as they usually provide the fans with some numbers or third party apps to donate. The simple supporting way is to directly donate on Twitch or pay to the number or account when they are live streaming, as this makes the streamer happy.

Twitch Streamer
Twitch Streamer

It is often seen that if you like to share your love with the streamers community then you can gift subscriptions to randomly chosen people or some specific viewers. Once you decide to gift subscriptions, simply scroll down a streamers page to the “Gift a Sub” button.

Here you have to copy the link and you will be taken to a window where you will have various options available, such as the number of subs you would like to gift, whether you would like to gift the sub anonymously, or you would like to gift the subs to a specific viewer.

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Note – An important thing to remember here is that the cost will vary depending on the number of gift subs and your currency.

How to Donate Directly to a Twitch Streamer?

Direct donation is the best way to show your support to your favorite streamer because here only the streamer will get all the amount you give and Twitch won’t take any cut from the donation. If you want to donate directly the streamer has it all set up with third-party apps like Paypal or anyone else.

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To give a Donation, visit your streamer’s channel and scroll down to their Twitch panels and look for a Donate button here. This Donate button often contains the link where you can directly send the cash. Once you click on the link, the rest is the easy way as you have to fill in your credentials, and the amount and send the cash you want to donate.


How to Donate on Twitch via Paypal?

Open your Paypal website and sign in to your account. Click on the profile option and then on “my selling tools”. Now go to the PayPal button section and click on “update”. Now click on the link asking to “create a new button”. Choose the “Donation” button from the list and then type your Twitch channel name. Here on, follow the On-Screen options to donate on Twitch via Paypal.

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How to donate on Twitch without PayPal?

The other options that you have with you to donate when you don’t want to use PayPal is that you can donate on twitch with Bits, gifting a sub, or buying through the affiliate links of the streamer.


How to donate on Twitch PS4?

If you want to get donations while you are using a PS4, you can easily do that. You can easily receive payments by setting up and using Twitch’s Bit system. This will easily help you as you will receive donations in the form of cheers.

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How To Add Donate Button to Twitch?

From your Streamlabs Dashboard, click on the Donations setting. Click on the PayPal icon to connect your PayPal account to Strealabs. From Donations Settings, go to settings and set your donation limit. Select Save Settings on the bottom of the page and you are good to go.

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This is all for How to Donate on Twitch in 2023. If you have any other method through which people can donate on twitch, then do comment down below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more gaming updates.

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