How to Get Destiny 2 Austringer Hand Cannon | Complete Guide

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Looking for How to Get Destiny 2 Austringer Hand Cannon? If yes then this guide is for you. A new activity brings new weapons into the game. We are talking about Destiny 2. Destiny 2 is one of the best multiplayer first-person shooter video game on the market. The game is developed by Bungie in 2017.


The Austringer Hand Cannon, one of the most desired weapons from the Menagerie activity which is introduced in the Season of Opulence. Getting it is not easy, there are some steps you have to follow to get it. Stay until the end of this guide to get all steps correctly. If you are new to the game and this hand cannon, we provide all pieces of information about this weapon including what is it, the perks of this hand cannon, and how to get it. That’s almost everything you need to know about it, so there is no need to worry.

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What is Austringer?

Austringer is a hand cannon, as said in the beginning, it is one of the most wanted weapons of the new Menagerie activity. What made this hand cannon so special? Firstly, It can carry high damage at a reasonable rate. Secondly, the active perks include Adaptive Frame, Outlaw, and Rangefinder, which are very useful and important. As you continue reading this guide, you will discover more perks for this weapon.


Next is the item statistics. The hand cannon has an rpm of 140, and it has 11 in the magazine.

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It has a base impact of 84, which means it’s going to damage guardians severely in PVP. The base range is 51, if you get a range perk or a barrel perk, this hand cannon is bringing a lot of help to you. It has a stability of 64, so it is not going to move around a lot. The reload speed is 60, which means it is buying you more time to get the kills. To summarise all these advantages, it’s simply just powerful! Every Destiny 2 players know how powerful this Destiny 2 weapon is.

Destiny 2 Austringer Hand Cannon Perks

Previously, we mentioned about 3 perks for this hand cannon(Adaptive Frame, Outlaw, and Rangefinder). Here are the usage of the 3 perks, and also 2 more important and useful perks of this hand cannon and of course, their usage. Firstly, Outlaw, if you kill precisely, it can reduce your reload speed greatly.


Adaptive Frame, you will have a better grip on the hand cannon, it becomes more reliable and sturdy. Tactical Magazine, this is a very useful perk. It increases stability, reloads speed, and magazine size. It will surely bring you more advantages. Corkscrew Rifling, this perk increases the range, stability, and handling speed. Lastly, the Rangefinder perk increases the effective range and zoom magnification. It is going to help you out a lot when you get these perks.

How to get Destiny 2 Austringer

Firstly, you will need to upgrade your Chalice of Opulence to Rune Compatibility II. You will need Imperials for this upgrade. If you wish to have this powerful hand cannon, you better start saving the Imperials. You can either farm them yourself, or you can purchase the Barge of Nessus, but it’s going to cost 5k of Glimmers on each purchase.

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The chest resets weekly. To make sure that you have completed the upgrade, you will acquire the Rune of Desire and a red rune. The Rune of Desire is green, and there will be a green snake on it. The Rune of Desire gives you a Hand Cannon drop, and the red rune gives you the Adaptive Frame.


Once you have both of them, place the Rune of Desire at the top node of your chalice and the red rune at the left node. The last step is to just run the Menagerie(6-people matchmade activity). Defeat the final boss, and then open the chest, and there you go, you have the Austringer which you wanted so badly.

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Destiny 2 Austringer PvP God Roll

The Destiny 2 Austringer PvP God Roll is hammer forged/full bore, accurized rounds, eye of the storm, rangefinder, range masterwork. Try it and do let us know how you feel about it with the help of the comment section below.

Destiny 2 Austringer VS Spare Rations

Let’s see what is Destiny 2 Austringer VS Spare Rations. The impact of Spare Ration is 79 whereas Austringer has 84. The range of austringer is 51 which is higher than Spare Rations (38). Now let’s talk about the stability of both guns, when we talk about stability Austringer has the maximum stability of 63. Both the guns are incredibly effective with their own perks.

Destiny 2 Austringer Destiny 2 Spare Rations
Reload Speed5160
Aim Assistance7592
Recoil Direction95100

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We wish this guide helped you a lot in getting the Destiny 2 Austringer hand cannon. If you have any more doubts about getting this weapon, you can comment below. Now it’s your turn to do the work, play the game, and get your Destiny 2 Austringer!

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