Destiny 2 Lumina Exotic Hand Cannon Quest 2023 [Guide]

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What is Destiny 2 Lumina, what are the perks, and why would you want it?  In this article, we will be explaining everything about the Exotic Hand Cannon “Destiny 2 Lumina“.

destiny 2 lumina
destiny 2 lumina

What is Lumina?

The Lumina is an exotic kinetic hand cannon, closely tied to another exotic HC, the Thorn, with its exotic perk remarkably similar to the latter. However, while the Thorn is a weapon with unlimited darkness, the lumina is a weapon of light, with which you can heal your allies.

The exotic perk is Noble Rounds, and the description reads as follows: “Kills with this weapon leave behind Remnants. Absorbing a Remnant converts your next hip-fired shot into an ally-seeking Noble Round and partially refills the magazine.”


So for the less initiated, this means that whenever you get a kill with the Lumina there will be a small, white, circular spark, sort of floating in the air, you have to pick these up, and it stacks as noble rounds. You can stack 5. When you fire this gun without ads, aka hipfire, it shoots a white ball of healing energy, tracking towards your closest ally. Unfortunately, you can only shoot other guardians, you can’t bounce it off the wall and heal yourself.

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It also comes with the perks Chambered Compensator, Accurized rounds, Polymer Grip, and Blessing of the Sky, which is tied to the exotic perk and reads: Using a Noble Round on an ally heals them and grants both you and them a weapon damage bonus for a short time.

If you are running a warlock on the well of radiance, this also triggers benevolent dawn, as this ability is tied to healing or empowering an ally. Additionally, in the season of the worthy a catalyst was added, and it gives the bonus of two remnants per kill, so you could get the noble rounds twice as fast.

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The questline dropped in the Season of Opulence, and it’s dozy. It’s one of the longest questlines in destiny 2 involving a great deal of farming and time, especially if you are doing it solo as most of the quest steps are faster, and more members of your fireteam have the weapon equipped.

Lumina Destiny 2
Lumina Destiny 2

So, is it worth it? If you are looking for a warlock, it definitely is a fun gun to use, for sure.  Albeit its perk is a bit gimmicky, it gives a neat damage bonus when stacked up, and you could heal your fireteam in some sketchy situations.

It could be greatly beneficial in PVP and in some mid-level activities. Besides, you are getting a two-for-one deal here, as the lumina comes with the legendary hand cannon, rose, which is a very nice addition to your arsenal when fully upgraded.

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How to get Destiny 2 Lumina

As mentioned above the Lumina questline is one of the longest exotic quests in the game and it’s significantly beneficial to do it in a fireteam as most parts count more if all of you equip rose. Nevertheless, you could do it alone, even now, when most of the player base is over and done with the quest, albeit the process is painfully slow. So here is a step-by-step comprehensive guide on how to get it.

lumina quest guide
lumina quest guide

A Fateful Gift and System Positioning Device location 

You start in the EDZ, at the Trostland loading zone. You go to the further side of the temple and enter the salt mines. You fight through the fallen and at the bottom of the mine you find the fallen transmat device, where you stand on the plate, and when prompted transmat outside to a hillside, where the Combustion story mission took you in the red war campaign.


Keeping to the left you run up the hill and eventually reach a rock sealing the end of the small path. Walk up to this wall, there will be guardrails on your left and a big blue fallen force field closing the path to your right. You could jump on a small ledge in the rock above you, and going through the small cave you find yourself at an abandoned campsite.

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Walk to the far end, and in a box, you will get two quests, the Fateful Gift and the System Positioning Device. Now this will point to one of six locations, where you will need to find an ornate, wooden box. In some cases, it’s not really hidden, just kind of sits there, in other cases you need to be a master sleuth to find it.

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For me both times, I’ve done this quest it spawned on Io, in the Excavation site II, but for some of my friends, it spawned either in Alton Dynamo on Mars or in the Shaft 13 in the EDZ, the High Plains on the Tangled Shore, or in the Sinking Docks on Titan, or at the Spine of Keres in the Dreaming City. The excavation site II one is in the last room, as you walk in, right opposite you under the large window, and yes it is easy to find.


The Alton Dynamo one is hidden in a shaft in the first room, as you walk in, to your left. You go to Alton Dynamo as you were doing the Will of the thousand strikes. You get to the platform wherein the strike you open the vent and shoot it, but this time you go through the door and head into the first room.

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You should clear out the ads, and then go back to the door, face the room, and turn right. High above you on the wall, there is a ventilation shaft. Shoot it, jump in, and follow the shaft. There will be another cover, shoot that as well, and you will get into a small room. The box is on the opposite side of the entrance.

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The Shaft 13 in the EDZ is simple as well. You go into the lost sector and on your left, there is a door in the dilapidated corridor which is usually closed. Go through this door the box is on the left, on a table. The High Plains one is more complicated.

As you come from Four-Horn gulch and pass the fallen encampment keep to the left side of the main rock. At the first cable support frame, there is a flat white rock below. Jump on that and walk to the middle and turn right. In a small crevasse in the opposing rock, you will see the box. 


The Sinking Docks on Titan is an easy one. You go to Siren’s watch and make your way toward the Sinking Docks. When you drop down the broken stairs to the red platforms, there is a column to your right, with an ad spawning door marked 7. The bow is right behind it.

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The Spine of Keres one is at the observatory. You go where the Odynom spawns in the Oracle Engine quest, and jump up the higher platform. The box is in the furthermost corner of this platform.

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The next part is pretty self-explanatory. You get out your masterwork guns and spawn your supers whenever you can. I would do blind wells, (as you get your super faster) but you could do this anywhere, while just playing. When you finish, you will get your rose, but with no perks yet. You need to do 3 steps to upgrade it.


Complete Rose, Revealed Steps

First, you need to do multi-skills without reloading. Try to find red bars and go for crit shots. This should be forthright and could be done while doing the next task which is getting 35 points by doing either forges, escalation protocol, or blind well. The more people are wielding rose the better.


If you are doing it solo, do escalation as it counts for 7 points and now, as everyone is doing the evacuation questline, it’s attended by players constantly. The last one is getting 50 k points at nightfall, which can be done by doing the ordeal even on adept. Also, do it on heroic nonetheless and take guns to stagger the champions, because it seems nobody else is doing it on that level, so you might get really frustrated. When it’s done, you get the fully upgraded rose with accurized rounds, outlaw, and polymer grip.

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Fireteam leader Quest step

This one is simple if you are having a full fireteam, but insanely frustrating if you are solo. You need to run all kinds of activities, strikes, blind well, menagerie and escalation or forges, but while if all your fireteam wields rose in a run of menagerie it counts 35%, towards completion, if you are the only one it will only count a mere 5%. It will take a lot of grinding to get this done if you are doing it alone.


Strength In Numbers Quest Step

You need to kill guardians in the crucible with hand cannons as a fireteam, defeat an invader before it kills any of your teammates, and generates 50 orbs of light. This seems straightforward to do, especially if you are good at PVP and gambit. The guardians your team kills with hand cannons will count towards the quest and creating orbs shouldn’t be a problem as you will be playing a gambit.


In essence, the description fails to mention that you need to get the Not on my Watch medal. You need to kill the invader in 10 seconds after it spawned. It’s not hard but mostly it’s a question of luck. Get your Xeno out and put on heavy ammo finders and machine gun scavenger mods. Get a good 11 bullets and when you see that the enemy is about to send an invader be ready. Good hunting!

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Bloom Quest Step

You go down in the will of the thousand strikes and delete as many crystals as you could. I reckon 11 is enough, but better be safe than sorry. In the end, after killing Xol, your rose transforms into the lumina.


The only thing that’s left is to wait for the catalyst to drop from the gambit, strikes, or the crucible. It’s a very regular drop so you do not have to worry. It’s fairly gritty but the gun is good and well worth the time. So if you go guardian, good farming.

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This is all about the Destiny 2 Lumina Guide. Hope you like this article, If you like this guide do share it with your friends, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more destiny 2 updates.

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