Idle Champions Azaka | How To Farm Azaka in 2022

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Azaka is one of the best champion from the game Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. Azaka is a lycanthrope and switches between humans and the weretiger form periodically. Now, many people are looking for Idle Champions Azaka and want to know How to Farm Azaka.

Idle Champions Online
Idle Champions Online

Idle Champions Azaka

Idle Champions Azaka is a great and strong hero and she is not into any event. After getting Azaka you will get great gears for her to get a good fight later. After collecting 3 puzzles cubes out of 9 puzzles cuber she reveals herself to the champions. Later she was killed in a battle and comes back after defeating Acereak’s soul monger.

azaka idle champions codes
azaka idle champions codes

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How To Farm Azaka

Farming Azaka is a bit difficult. But we the steps given down below you can farm it but do not miss any of the steps mentioned below. If you set up everything perfectly you will get Azaka.


Step 1:  Isolate a Mob at your Wall

  • Krull should be in Pilfer specification and equipped with Venomous Touch and Increase Toxicity feats.
  • After this move to the furthest boss level according to your capability.
  • Then kill all but one mob.

Step 2: Debuff the Mob

  • Havilar, swap her in and put familiar on her. With a slow mob whenever you get satisfied she can be swapped out.
  • Swap Jim in to change it into a mimic and during this, it can kill the mob then you have to start with step 1 again.
  • Swap Donnar in until his coin drop debuff appears on the mob. Later you can swap out Donnar.

STEP 3: Setup Gold Find Formation

Now place all champions into one place. If you are not having Wulfgar then using a different tank will be the option for you.

Step 4: Pop Your Potions

Now push deep to your wall, and using potions is a worthy investment and get as much favor as possible. Always try to use Clairvoyance potions while farming Azaka with maximum speed potions.

Step 5: Sustain Your Farm

If everything is set up perfectly then formation will start.

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This is all for the article to farm Azaka. If you like this guide, support us by sharing this with your friends who are into Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. Stay tuned with us for more updates on gaming news.

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