Paladins Tier List [March] 2023: Paladins Characters List

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Let’s talk about Paladins Tier List or Paladins Characters List. This article is all about the tier list of the game paladins.

paladins tier list
paladins tier list

Gamers these days want to play and experience the best games available in the market. The free-to-play and fighting games are the most famous ones on this list. Playing computer games has been the hobby of many and the profession of some gamers. The present time is a pure example that you can do wonders and get a good life if you dedicate your time to playing modern-day games.

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Though as time progresses the competition is getting tough and everyone wants to get an advantage over their rivals in every way possible. Even a bit of advantage can lead you to game-winning results.

This is not just dependent on the expensive and most modern computer parts but also on the mindset of the player, and how he tackles the game by choosing the very best from all the options available in the game. There are a lot of games that attract the attention of gamers because of their gameplay and characters and one such game is Paladins.

paladins characters tier lists
paladins characters tier lists

About Paladins

Since its release in 2018, Paladin has been one of the best free-to-play games available in the market and is still growing. After the release and till now, Paladin has introduced a healthy roster of 45 characters that are playable and improved gameplay mechanics that helps players to play the game. Paladins were developed by Hi-Rez Studios and Evil Mojo Games, the same company that bought us the Smite game.

Paladin is an FPS (First Person Shooter) game that has exciting imagery and characters. The whole game of Paladins takes place in a science-fiction world called the Realm.

As it is a science fiction game, you will surely find the features of science as well as fiction in the game and also you will find the soldiers from the medieval age who have modern weapons like shotguns and assault rifles instead of their traditional weapons like swords and shields.


The storyline of the Paladins revolves around a conflict between two factions called the Magistrate and the Resistance (a.k.a Paladins). There is a conflict between the two the Magistrate Faction wants to control the magic and only wants its people to use it, preventing others to do so but on the other hand.

The Resistance (a.k.a Paladins) claims that the magic belongs to everyone and should be used for good of people. The game also has “Champions” that were recruited in order to minimalize the casualties of soldiers from both sides and there is a long list of them that helps both sides to fight with each other. Everything about them is mentioned below.

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Paladins Characters List 2023

Paladins S Tier ListPaladins A Tier ListPaladins B Tier ListPaladins C Tier ListPaladins D Tier ListPaladins F Tier List
Barik TiberiusCorvusBuck VivianMaeve
Inara Lian ReiTyra
VatuViktor Yagorath
Terminus Kinessa
MakoaSha Lin
Bomb King Pip
Paladins Tier List
Paladins Tier List

Paladins Tier List [March] 2023

The champions are divided into six tiers and the specific information about the tiers and the champions is given below. You need to wisely think about the champions that you are going to use in the battle. Below down is the Paladins Tier List for March 2023.

Paladins Characters Tier List Online
Paladins Characters Tier List Online

S Tier

The S Tier champions are considered the best champions to fight, which are on offer right now. They are typically a must-pick champion if you want to go for anyone. They are banned in ranked games and it is a surety that they will by no doubt give you and your team an edge over the opponents in the game.

Paladins S Tier List

Koga – Koga is a Flank class champion and has unique skills like Submachine Guns, Hellkit Claws, Shadow Steps, Skewer Dragon, Stance Agility, and ultimate Cyclone Strike. His talents are Adrenaline Junkie, Blood Reaper Dragon, and Fangs.

koga paladins
koga paladins

Atlas – Atlas belongs to Front Line Class and has various skills like Chrono Cannon, Setback Stasis Field, and Second Chance Exile. He has talents like Unstable Fissure, and Temporal Divide Deja Vu.

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Fernando- Fernando works great in close-range battles and uses a Flame Lance to inflict damage on his enemies in the game. Fernando, in the game, can use a shield that helps him block the enemies’ attack as his shield has a total health of 5500.

Along with that, his other damage-providing abilities are Fireball and Charge. Their ultimate ability of Fernando is Immortal, which allows his teammates to maintain a healthy level of 1500.


Barik- Barik is one of the best S tier characters in the game and has improved a lot over time. A lot of gamers are favoring Barik these days as his ability to damage, and his cool gadgets send a chill down the spine of his enemies.

He has abilities by the name of Blunderbuss and Turret that are effective enough to deal with huge damage. Along with these, his Rocket Boots make his escape too easy whenever required.


Vora- Vora in Paladins is a true image of what a champion in the game should be, and the reason behind this is that she has enhanced mobility along with the burst attacks, which makes her a fearsome character.

Vora is fluent in her attacks and has an ultimate, called Harbinger’s Wrath, that can provide a lot of damage if executed properly. The other abilities that make her a favorite of gamers are high sustainability and good immunity in the game.

Inara- nara has an ability where the stones are her best friend in the game. She uses stones in the game to defeat enemies, and in her burst damage, she can throw stones at her enemies, each causing damage of 225. Inara is also a big giver in the game as Inara’s Earthen Guard provides healing to the champions when needed, at the cost of Inara’s health.

Vatu- Vatu has been upgraded to the S tier for a reason, and that is because of his dash ability. As he usually does use a shield, however, he instead uses the dash ability to easily move out of harm’s way. The only downside here is that this ability needs 5 seconds to cool down and bring Vatu to battle state. A lot of individuals playing the game do not know how to play against Vatu because of his incredible mobility.

Saati- If you want to opt for a medium-range champion for your squad, Saati is the one that you should go for, as she is equipped with hand cannon and has an ability called the Dead Ringer. With this ability, she confuses her opponents and afterward becomes invisible. She creates a decoy of herself in the game to expose the enemies, and it also limits the enemies’ attacks as they struggle to find Saati in the game.


A Tier

The well-known quality about the champions of this class is that they are very powerful and can sometimes even match the strength of  S Class champions but because they lack some abilities, that is why they are placed in this class. But whatever the case is, you should not overlook them and they are still considered an excellent pick.

Paladins A Tier List
Bomb King

Imani – Imani is a Damage class champion and has ample skills in her skillsets like Frost Bolt, Pyre Ball Frost Bomb, Inferno Cannon, Elemental Shift, and FrostFire Glide Dragons Call. Imani also has talents like Splitting Ice and Pyromania Mana Shift.

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Lian – Lian is also a Damage class champion and his skillset includes skills like Heirloom Rifle, Valor Presence, and Grace Enlightenment. He also has talents like Alacrity, Eminence, and Precision.

Lian paladins tier list
Lian paladins tier list

Viktor – Viktor has talents like Cardio Burst Mode and Sharpnel and he is also a Damage class champion. He has skills like Assault Rifles, Iron Sight, Frag Granade, and Hustle Barrage.

Makoa – Makoa is also a Front Line Class champion and his skillset includes Canon Dredge, Anchor Shell Shield, Shell Spin, and Ancient Rage. His talents are Pluck Half Shell and Leviathan.

Tiberius- Tiberius, in the game, uses weapons like chakram and sword to defeat the enemies and help his teammates. Though he could have a higher speed and better defense, however, he is a good choice for new gamers as he is a bit slow to handle. This aspect actually helps new gamers to settle down during the game. If you handle the character well, his Ultimate Blade Dance-ability can be a lifesaver in the game.


Ying- Paladins have some creative as well as unique characters in the game. One of them is Ying, who is an illusion master. Ying is a perfect candidate who uses illusion in the best way possible. The illusion mirror helps Ying to heal allies and defeat enemies.

Ying’s Dimensional Linkability allows her to teleport to the most far-end illusion that she can create. Ying also has a special ability called Illusory Rift that allows her to heal her teammates in 8 seconds. 

B Tier

The B Tier champions are also considered a quite good pick if you want to go for them and it is up to you that if you have the potential to use them correctly, they can easily win you games. The only problem that a few people will face with these champions is that they require a lot of practice to master.

Paladins B Tier List
Sha Lin

Strix – He belongs to the Damage class and has talents like Nocturnal, Unauthorize Use, and Crack shots. His skills include Talon Rifle, Pistol Scope, Flare, Quick Switch, Stealth, and Flashbang.

Skye – Skye has talents like Debilitate Smoke and Dagger Preparation and is a Flank class champion. He has skills like Wrist Crossbow, Poison Bolts, Smoke Screen, and Hidden Time Bomb.

Corvus- Corvus is a weapon guy that uses his pistol to deal direct damage, and on the other hand, he can also heal his teammates by using an Abyss staff. If you want to consider an all-rounder character from this Tier in your list, Corvus is the one that you should go for. Corvus is very useful in low-lobby games where flanking is the main skill required to play.


Octavia- Octavia is one of the characters in the game who is good for medium as well as long-ranged games as she can easily cause damage of 425 to her enemies within a 0.3s time period, with her Marksman Rifle. The downside to having this character on your side in the game is that she is not at all good in close-combat games and will be easily defeated if used in one.


Rei- Rei is one of the characters in the game who has good team compatibility but low offense damage. Rei can deal with a damage of 450 every 0.7s, which comes on the lower part of the offensive stats of characters in the game. The main advantage of having Rei on your team is that Rei can heal your teammates in every situation possible.

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Willo – He has talents like Nightshade, Blastflower, and Scorn. He is a Damage class champion and has skills like Wand of Overgrowth, Dead Zone, Seedling Flutter, and Fae Flight.

Willo paladins tier list
Willo paladins tier list

Sha Lin – His skills include Long Bow, Crippling Arrow, Night Shot, Withdraw, and Heat Haze. He is a Damage class champion and has talents like Desert Silence and Recurve Sand Strap.

Evie – Evie belongs to the Flank class and has skills like Ice Staff, Ice Block, Blink Soar, and Ice Storm. Evie’s talents include Over the Moon Snow and Globe Wormhole.

Evie paladins tier list
Evie paladins tier list

Lex – Lex has talents like Discovery, Heroism, Death, and Hastens. He belongs to the Flank class and has skills like Magnums in Pursuit, Retribution, Combat Slide, and The Law.

Talus – Talus belongs to the flank class and has skills like Veracharger, Blitz Upper, Overcharge, Rune of Travel, and True Power. His talents include Inner Strength, Faustian, Bargain, and Nothing Personal.

C Tier

If you have patience and you can do a lot of practice then only you can pull off wins with the help of these champions. Most people consider not using these champions and prefer that if you can, you should go for the categories above this. If only you can pull off efficient teamwork, then you have the chance to win the game with these champions.

Paladins C Tier List

Tyra – Tyra belongs to the Damage class and has skills like Auto Rifle, Nade Launcher, Fire Bomb, Hunter’s Mark, and Crossfire. Tyra’s talents include Mercy Kill, Hunting, and Party Burn.

Ruckus – Ruckus is a Frontline Class Champion and has skills like Miniguns, Missile Launcher, Emmiter, and Advavance Hexa Fire. His talents include Flux Generator, Rocket Barrage, and Aerial Assault.

Dredge- Dredge in Paladins uses abilities like Cursed Howitzer, Broadside, and Harpoon to damage his enemies. He has an ultimate called Kraken that causes a 2500 damage to enemies who come near its tentacles.


Buck- Buck is good in close-range combat and can deal direct damage of 700 every second during the battle. His net shot ability slows down enemies and entangles them further, causing a damage


D Tier

The thing about these champions is that you do not have a great chance of winning the game with them. These champions are nearly impossible to carry the game with and if you have extreme skills, then only you will be able to pull the game with the help of these champions. The better option that you should opt for here is to always go for the champions higher in class.

Paladins D Tier List

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Vivian – Vivian also belongs to the Damage class and has talents like Suspect Everyone, Booby Trap, and Opportunity in Chaos. His Skills include Light Machine Gun, Precision, Sights Deflector, Shields Sensor, and Drone Sentinals.

Vivian paladins tier list
Vivian paladins tier list

Grohk- Grohk is a supporting character in the game that can afford damage of 75 every 0.1s. Every second, Grohk can heal with a capacity of 300 health to his allies which is not too good but sufficient enough to battle around. As a healing character, he has an ability called the Healing Totem.


F Tier

If there are champions available in this class you should assume that they are here for a very specific reason. This class is the lowest class of champions and these champions are not that good or many gamers say that they should be avoided at all costs.

Paladins F Tier List

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Moji – Moji is a Flank class champion and has skills like Familiar Spit, Familiar Spray, Magic Barrier, Scamper, and Bon Apetit. Moji’s talents include Snack Attack and Boom Boom Toot.

Moji Paladins tier list
Moji Paladins tier list

Maeve – Maeve is also a Flank class champion and has talents like Cat Burglar, Street Justice, and Rogue’s Gambit. His skills include Daggers Pounce, Nine Lives, and Prowl Midnight.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: Who is the strongest character in Paladins?
Answer: Androxus is the strongest character in the game.

FAQ 2: Who are the best characters in Paladins?
Answer: The S Tier characters are considered the best in the game.

FAQ 3: Who is the best damage class in Paladins?
Answer: The S and A tiers are considered the best damage class.

FAQ 4: What Tier is Vatu?
Answer: Vatu belongs to the S tier.

FAQ 5: How can I get an S-Tier list in Paladins?
Answer: You can get the S-tier characters by playing more and more games.

FAQ 6: How is the Paladins Champions Tier list created?
Answer: The Paladins Champion’s tier list is created by their stats.

This is all for the Paladins Characters List or Paladins Tier List. If you are new to us then don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter which is given down below. Also, comment down your views or suggestion to make a better world for gamers. 

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