Animal Crossing Island Image Tips: Get 5 Star Rating

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Animal Crossing Island Image Tips: Get in Animal Crossing New Horizons a 5-star rating for your island image? Our tips for the switch hit to give you details on the way to the five-star island. First, you expand the service center so that Melinda moves in. Complete a few tasks on Tom Nook’s Project K plan until you set up the house building kit on your island. Now you ask Melinda for the image rating for your island.


Animal Crossing Island Image Tips

Your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons should get a 5-star rating? We give you tips on how you can query the island image at Melinda. It is not available from the start of the game. You simply expand the service center in the Nintendo Switch adventure until Melinda moves in there.

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Now you take care of the project K at Tom Nook until you can purchase and set up a house building kit. Only then do you ask Melinda for the rating for your island image? Here factors such as cleanliness, decoration, and a number of inhabitants play a role.

Unfortunately, you don’t see clear values ​​for individual furniture, plants, and more at first glance. In the companion book to Animal Crossing New Horizons, the authors name the parameters life and nature for the influence on the valuation of your island. Fences, furniture, or decorations belong to the life category, while trees, flowers, and other plants belonging to the nature category.

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In the end, you need a good mix of all areas. The infrastructure on your island also seems to play a role. After you have received the 5-star rating for your island, the golden watering can is waiting for you. In our tips, we reveal how you do all the gold tools in Animal Crossing: New Horizons at home.

Animal Crossing Island Image Tips for Island Rating      

  • Pay attention to cleanliness: removes weeds or garbage such as cans or tires, collects loose resources.
  • Equip your island with furniture and your own decoration and pay attention to balance
  • Also uses fences and purchased furniture
  • With flowers, pay attention to diversity or color-varied crossings
  • Get new fruits when visiting other islands to get more tree species

Animal Crossing Trees, flowers and plants

Orchards and flower beds are worth considering the values ​​mentioned in the companion book to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Visit other islands for a variety of fruits. Then you create different orchards, which bring you the necessary stern is by harvesting. Flower seeds are available in Nook’s shop or in the service center.


By the way, you create colored crosses of flowers if you plant differently colored flowers of the same genus next to each other and water them every day. This ensures nature points and a good balance. It is also essential to remove weeds such as dandelions, thistles, or grasses.

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You also receive new flowers from other islands, which you simply dig out there and replant on your home island. According to the accompanying book, you receive one point per nature for each flower and tree. For a 5-star island, you need more than 450 points.

Animal Crossing Furniture and Fences

From the game companion book to Animal Crossing New Horizons, it appears that self-made furniture is believed to increase the natural value. Purchased furniture, on the other hand, increases the value of life and development. For home-made furniture, consider the factors of uniqueness, type and distance. If you make a picnic area, for example, you put tables, benches, or chairs side by side and thus ensure bonuses. Here too the balance is decisive. A garden area or playground in front of the house also scores well.

Purchased furniture increases the value of life and development. The general rule here is the more expensive, the higher quality. This will have a more positive effect on your island rating in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Purchased things beyond the 20,000-star limit offer the most bonuses. With the help of fences, it not only ensures variety.

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Things like fences, bridges, and stairways provide a lot of points in terms of life and development. They also complete the look of different island areas. The companion book mentions a value of more than 665 for life and development.

Animal Crossing Neighbors for KK’s concerts

From a rating of 2 stars for your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Melinda advises you to bring more residents to your island. For this, you get 10,000 Sternis house building kits. You place a total of ten pieces on your island to get new neighbors. Incidentally, this move-in automatically. In conversation with the residents, you dust off every now and then new recipes and blueprints with which you create new decorations or furniture.


The musician KK appears from three stars and gives concerts. For this, you increase the number of islanders. As a reward, you will receive the Island Designer app, which you can use to change the landscape against the small change required. You also buy licenses for brick, stone or cobbled paths there. This is all for the Animal Crossing Island Image Tips. If you like it do share this on social media platforms.

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