Destiny 2 Corsair Down: Things to do with this random Item

Destiny 2 Corsair Down is one of the random item present in the game. In this article will tell you a few things which you can do with this item.

destiny 2 corsair down
destiny 2 corsair down

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What is Destiny 2 Corsair Down

Destiny 2 Corsair Down is a random item of the game which you can easily get when you enters into your Pursuits section of your inventory. If you are going to participate in the Divalian Mist Public Event then you will surely get this item, also this items comes with a random drop rate.


While participating in the event you should have Light Level of 540 otherwise you will fail the event. But don’t worry if you fail this event you can still get a Corsair Down item.

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What is the use of Corsair Down?

Corsair Down is a random item of the game which is like a locator which helps to track down dead soldiers from the Queen’s guard.

Things To Do With Destiny 2 Corsair Down

If you want to do something with Corsair Down then you will be facing one of the challenging part of the game. First, you have to find the location of a lost body. If you check Corsair Down item in your Pursuits section of your inventory, this item will give you a clue. With the help of clue, you will get to know where you have to go for the next step.

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This is where the challenging aspect comes into play. You need to discover the location of a lost body. If you inspect your Corsair Down item in your Pursuits section of your inventory, it will give you a slight clue as to where you need to go. Remember to check your Corsair Down item in your inventory for one of the following clues. After that search inside the Cathedral because Harbingers Seclude is the exact location of the lost body.

Where is Harbinger Destiny 2?

In the location map given down below, you will able to find the harbinger Destiny 2? Harbinger’s Seclude is inside the temple at Rheasilvia.


Will give you more detail in Ascendant Challenge Guide.

Chamber of Starlight

In the lost sector of Destiny 2 “Chamber of Starlight“. You have to repeat it and you will get the Corsair Down very easily. But if you reach 550ish light level then it will be easier to get this random item of destiny 2. After this whenever you find the body you have to scan it first and then you can defeat the boss without any fear of death.


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