Destiny 2 Technocrat Empire Hunt in 2023 [Complete Guide]

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In this Destiny 2 Technocrat Empire Hunt article will be sharing the complete guide along with the steps to beat Technocrat Empire Hunt. There are a total of three Empire Hunts available in destiny 2,  3 empire hunts are The Warrior, The Dark Priestess, and The Technocrat. This guide is all for Technocrat, so let’s check out the article.


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What Are Technocrat Empire Hunt Challenges

The Empire Hunt challenges are similar activities to Shadowkeep’s nightmare hunts. They become available after you opened up European Explorer II for Variks, the fallen NPC on Europa, in the Sabotage questline. Each week there is a different one on a three-week rotational circle, with electable difficulties, from Adept to Master.

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These are based on the story missions for each fallen bossfight, The warrior, where you need to beat Phylacks, The Dark Priestess, where you will fight Kridis, and The Technocrat, where you kill Praksis.


How to Unlock Technocrat Empire Hunt Quest

To unlock The Technocrat Empire Hunt Quest, you have to follow the following steps carefully.

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Steps for Technocrat Empire Hunt Quest

  • First, you need to finish the European Explorer I, which unlocks the Europa’s weapon quests, so you can farm the rather good weapons Variks has on offer. It requires you to kill 50 enemies with kinetic weapons; 50 enemies with energy weapons; and defeat 25 enemies with powerful weapons.
  • Then you can pick up Europan Explorer II which will unlock the weekly Empire Hunts with electable difficulties (i.e., Adept, Hero, Legend, Master). To complete this, you need to defeat 30 powerful, (yellow bar or above) enemies in Empire Hunts.
  • When you finished a blue quest marker will appear on your map and by clicking on it, you can choose which difficulty you want to attempt. On Adept and Hero, it’s a breeze, on Legend and Master it’s respectively harder.
  • On Master difficulty, it will drop a pinnacle weapon or armor piece, but its 1280 power level makes it a rather challenging endeavor.

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How to Beat The Technocrat Empire Hunt

On Hero and Adept, it’s matchmade so you will have a fireteam at your disposal, and it’s pretty straightforward. You kill the ads in the rooms of Braytech until you arrive at the bossfight room, and then shoot the shield drones at each phase which provides the shielding for Praksis.


After the first phase, there are two, after the second three, and before the last, there are four drones, which are in the middle of the room above the platforms. The difference between the story and the challenge version, that you can damage Praksis with any weapon and ability in the third phase, not just your stasis abilities. Nevertheless, if you want to do it on a harder difficulty, you will need to put together a fireteam and spec accordingly. This will help you to beat Destiny 2 Technocrat Empire Hunt easily.

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Tips for Destiny 2 Technocrat Empire Hunt

Cloudstrike or Xenophage for long-range DPS is highly recommended for one player, while Falling Guillotine or The Lament for burst damage on the other two players is a good option, and obviously having the specific scavenger and finder mods accordingly. For the player with the xenophage the Wrath of Rasputin mod is very beneficial, as the splash damage from this exotic creates warmind cells.

The challenge could be done by a fireteam made up of any classes, however, the ideal fireteam is still built up of one character from each class. As Stasis is the new subclass, all the encounters on Europa are built to utilize it, so your best bet is all your fireteam is on stasis.


With this subclass there could be interesting combos, for example, you can throw a grenade and another character can shatter it, so you can build attacks on one another. So before attempting Legend or Master difficulty to get at least 1260 light level or even higher, and unlock both aspects of your subclass, and at least 4 fragments.

Also, take it cautiously still, because if you wipe you will have to start the whole activity from the last checkpoint which could be far back. The bossfight is not the hardest part. Getting to it could be much more challenging with the different ads that are rather powerful and can one-shot you.

This is all for Destiny 2 Technocrat Empire Hunt, hope you get to know many things about this. If you visit for the first time then don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for destiny 2 updates. Also, don’t forget to share this guide with other guardians.

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