Genshin Impact Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip Quest Walkthrough

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In this Genshin Impact Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip Quest will be sharing with you the complete guide to getting this quest done. Also after completing this quest you will get rewards.

Genshin Impact Monstadt Gastronomy Trip guide
Genshin Impact Monstadt Gastronomy Trip guide

Genshin Impact doesn’t prioritize the main story but instead of the content in the open world. The time you actually spent on the main story is actually only about 20% of the content in the game. Today’s article will be about a side story/quest of a character which is called “Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip”.

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What is Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip

As mentioned above, Genshin Impact Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip Quest is a side quest of an in-game character called Xiang Ling. Xiang Ling is a 4 star pyro and also the only polearm character currently in the game. Xiang Ling is obtainable through wishing in the wish or completing 3-3 in the spiral abyss. 

mondstadt gastronomy trip quest guide online
mondstadt gastronomy trip quest guide online

Back to the topic, players only can start accessing the quest after completing ACT 2 main story which is about the Dvalin/Dragon. After finishing ACT 2, you will be seeing a quest stating there is a mystery girl in Springvale.

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After talking to her, all the stuff you need to do is to help in collecting ingredients for her to cook. There will be no spoiler about the story, just instructions on how to complete the quests. This quest is all about the scene, gathering ingredients, and also the cooking process.

How to complete Genshin Impact Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip Quest

As mentioned above, you gather stuff for her to cook so this means that she is a chef. If you have her on your team, cooking a certain dish with Xiang Ling will have chances to double the product. (Only Attack-boosting dishes). Here is the guide to complete the Genshin Impact Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip Quest below.

Genshin Impact Monstadt Gastronomy Trip
Genshin Impact Monstadt Gastronomy Trip
  • Step 1: After talking to her in Springvale, you are required to gather 3 raw meat. There will be some in the area, just use the character to attack once on a wild boar to drop 2 pieces of raw meat. You do not need to gather the meat again if you already have it in your bag/inventory.
  • Step 2: After having 3 raw meat, interact with her, then you are required to move into the village in Springvale.
  • Step 3: In Springvale town, talk to the chief. After some scenes, you are required to follow a scent that will lead you to a cooking lady named Brook.
  • Step 4: After another scene with the cooking lady, your next point will be in Liyue. Open your quest tab then navigate it. Teleport to a nearby teleporter then interacts with her.
  • Step 5: After the interaction, you are required to gather 3 lotus heads that are found in the pond within the yellow radius of the mini-map.
  • Step 6: After collecting, the mark location will be changed. Proceed to the mark location and gather 3 Jueyun Chilli(On top of the cliff) then interact with her again.
  • Step 7: After the interaction, you will be going to another spot. Upon arrival, there will be a man standing beside her. Interact with them.
  • Step 8: After a talk scene, you are required to cook a Radish Veggie Soup dish. The recipe is already unlocked. Use a nearby cooking pot that is available near the scene. You would not need to cook it if you already obtain the dish in your bag/inventory.

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  • Step 9: After having the dish, interact with them.
  • Step 10: Then you will be going into the dungeon inside the cave.
  • Step 11: Go into the dungeons/ruins, if you do not have Xiang Ling in a party then she will be a trial character appearing in your 5th party slot.
  • Step 12: After completing the ruins/dungeons, you will be moving back to Springvale. Interact with the chief.
  • Step 13: Move to the mark location, and then interact with Xiang Ling. Follow her instructions and help her gather the ingredients.
  • Step 14: Before finishing cooking, she will give you 4 star recipes and ask you to cook 1 for her. The 4* recipes are the second-best attack dishes you can get in-game. When used, it actually can increase lots of damage in-game if your AR rank is before 25. After that, it is still usable but by that time you will already have the 5* recipes.
  • Step 15: Cook 1 for her in the cooking pot next to her and then give it to her.
  • Step 16: Interact with the chief.
  • Step 17: Talk to Xiang Ling again to actually finish the quests.

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Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip Quest Rewards

Here are the total rewards you will get after completing Genshin Impact Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip Quest.

Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip Quest Rewards
Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip Quest Rewards
  • 850 AR experience
  • 60 primogems
  • 15 blue book(character level up item)
  • 29 Fine Enchantment Ore
  • More than 20k Mora

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This is all for Genshin Impact Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip Quest, hope you are now able to complete this quest. If you are facing any problems do comment down below, will help you out. Also if you have more suggestions to complete this quest you can tell us using the comment section. Stay tuned with us with our newsletter given below for more updates on Genshin Impact.

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