How to Use Yggdrasil Bot in 2023 [Yggdrasil Bot Commands]

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In this article, you will get to know about How to Use Yggdrasil Bot and Yggdrasil Bot Commands.

Yggdrasil Bot commands
Yggdrasil Bot commands

In modern-day computer applications, Bots are present everywhere. A bot is a software application that is programmed to do certain tasks told by its programmer or in the computer’s language, commanded by its programmer. The most important thing about a bot is that it is automated, which means it automatically gives a response to questions asked by a software user and this job is done when the programmer initially feeds instruction into the bot.

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There is no need for a human user once a bot is introduced into the system. It won’t be wrong if we say that every software or every application has a bot in it that helps us to have a user-friendly experience. One such bot is Yggdrasil in Discord which does a lot of things to help Discord users.

About Yggdrasil bot

As it is well known that bots are not always good, some bots are made specifically to interrupt of privacy of the users. The case is totally different with the Yggdrasil bot in Discord. Yggdrasil bot is considered a fun bot by the majority of users as it is full of fun commands.

It allows the Discord members to engage in a lot of fun activities like Sound, Racing, Games, Pranks, etc. All this information is concluded according to its webpage. It is a fun bot for a reason as it is packed with a lot of features. It is sure that whenever you encounter this bot, you won’t get bored.

Yggdrasil Bot
Yggdrasil Bot

Yggdrasil Bot Features

There are a lot of features that the Yggdrasil Bot has like this bot allows having a role-playing death match between two members, you can even prank a member with the help of this bot or the bot can also help in matchmaking between two members.

One of the best features that Discord users have encountered while using this bot is that it allows a member of one server to communicate on a call to a member of a totally different server outside of Discord while still remaining inside of it. This might all seem confusing to you at first, but when you start using this feature, you will surely have fun and will also understand its importance.

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How to add the Yggdrasil bot in discord?

It is observed in many websites that the procedure that you use to add bots to any servers is majorly straightforward forward and most of the time you don’t have to put a lot of effort into it because the steps are identical. The difference is that the bot name and the server that you use get changed.

Yggdrasil Bot Discord
Yggdrasil Bot Discord

To introduce the Yggdrasil Bot, you first need to go to and click on add to Discord. Please make sure you are logged into your Discord account and if not, then do so. Select the server that you want to add the bot to and then click on continue. Click on the permission that you require for your use.

Verify that you are not a robot and the Yggdrasil Bot will be added to your Discord server. Assign whatever roles you want to assign by clicking on the Yggdrasil Bot logo either at the bottom left corner or upper right corner.

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Remove Yggdrasil Bot from Discord Server?

There aren’t many ways to remove the Yggdrasil Bot from your Discord server but only one. To start the process you have to right-click on the Yggdrasil Bot icon and there you will find the option Kick Yggdrasil Bot to kick the Yggdrasil Bot out of the server.

If you want to take permanent action here by removing the Yggdrasil Bot, so that no one can add the Yggdrasil Bot again to the channel then you can right-click on the Yggdrasil Bot and select the Ban Yggdrasil option from the menu and that will remove the bot from the Discord Server.


How to Use Yggdrasil Bot?

Whenever you want to use something, it is better to have a practical example than a theoretical one because it makes everyone understand the situation pretty accurately. The same goes with Yggdrasil Bot, which has a lot of videos available on the internet that can help you. The practical part is done if you want to go for that.

If you want to opt for the theoretical part then you can follow the basic steps for primary usage like you can go to the chatbox at the bottom of the page and write the command “-help”, and the bot will itself message you all the commands necessary for texting and other activities.

How to use Yggdrasil Bot Discord
How to use Yggdrasil Bot Discord

Yggdrasil Bot Commands List 

Yggdrasil Bot: Phones Commands
--speakerphone - chat with random users all over Discord!
--eyephone - :eyes:
--flipphone - flips your conversation!
--fuwwyphone - corrupts your conversation to owo speak.
--scramblephone - chat with random users, but scrambled!
--userphone - chat with users and see who you're chatting with!
--hangup - Hangup the phone
Yggdrasil Bot: Animals Commands
--bird - random bird
--cat - random cat
--dog - random dog
--fox - random fox
--snake - random snake
--panda - random panda
Yggdrasil Bot: Soundboard Commands
--tts - text to speech

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Yggdrasil Bot: Fun Commands
--choose ... - make a decision
--8ball - ask the magic 8ball!
--fiction - infinite fictional database
--friendscore @user1 @user2 - friend compatibility score
--fortune - shows your fortune
--icecream [user] - makes your personal ice cream cone
--joke - random joke
--meme - random meme
--pokefusion - shows a random pokefusion
--quote OR <@user> - grabs or creates a quote
--rip - makes a tombstone
--roll - rolls dice
--ship [second] - matchmaking!
--spoilers - hides spoiler text
--toast - makes some toast
--useless - link to a useless website
--wanted - makes a wanted poster
Yggdrasil Bot: General Commands
--about - bot info
--avatar [user] - show user's avatar
--credits - bot credits
--donate - donate to support the bot
--invite - add ygg to your server
--ping - checks the bot's latency
--serverinfo - shows server info
--userinfo [user] - shows user info
Yggdrasil Bot: Games Commands
--darts [guess] - play darts
--deathbattle @user1 @user2 - Death Battle!
--garage [car] - Look at what cars you have in your garage.
--race - race car!
--fidgetspinner [type] - spins a fidget spinner
--standoff - Have a good ol' fashioned standoff.

What to do when Yggdrasil Bot not working?

It can happen to anyone that sometimes your Yggdrasil Bot might not be working or it would be offline and this can happen because of a complete Discord server outage. If you ever come across this error then you should first check the Discord page.

You can do two things to solve this, firstly provide sufficient permission to the Yggdrasil Bot, and secondly try to make sure that you haven’t changed the Yggdrasil Bot default prefix.

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How to Hang Up: Yggdrasil Bot Phone Command

Phone command helps users to connect random people of a different server into their own server. Once you connect to the random user then you can communicate with them easily. If you want to use this command then first go to a general channel and type the command –user phone. Also with the help of the hangup command, you can easily hang up the call.

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This is all for the article on How to use Yggdrasil Bot Discord and Yggdrasil Bot Commands. If you have any questions you can comment down below, also don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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