Guilty Gear Xrd Tier List [March] 2023: Characters List

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Guilty Gear Xrd is one of the most popular action video games. This action game features many characters, all of which have distinct features and fighting styles. This sometimes puts the gamers in confusion when picking the best player. That is also why the Guilty Gear Xrd tier list came into existence. The Guilty Gear Xrd Tier List is divided into four tiers, they are S Tier, A Tier, B Tier, C Tier;

Guilty Gear Tier List
Guilty Gear Tier List

The S tier is the superior one. However, one must remember that a character’s categorization as per tiers does not always mean that the entity is not good enough. It merely reflects how the character can sustain in a match against the whole cast. And if you are still figuring things out regarding Guilty Gear Xrd, we have your back. Our team of pro-gamers has jotted down a rundown of the best characters in every tier to help you in the best possible manner. But before that, let us take a quick look at what Guilty Gear Xrd is all about.

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About Guilty Gear Xrd

The thought of Guilty Gear Xrd emerged in 2008, but production commenced in 2011 after Arc System Works got the rights to Guilty Gear from Sega. The Guilty Gear Xrd is the third part of the Guilty Gear franchise launched in 2017. The game has some great characters and new gameplay. Not just that, you get a multitude of options when it comes to picking a character. You can also play Guilty Gear Xrd in trial mode, and you can learn everything about your favorite characters from the game.

Every character in this game has its mission and storyline. Here, you are supposed to pick your in-game fighter to play one-on-one with others. The Guilty Gear Xrd is the highest-rated 2D action game launched for PCs and Playstations.

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Guilty Gear Xrd Tier List [March] 2023

The Guilty Gear Xrd has 25 characters, and each character has a different story, quest, and customization options. You need to pick one before you start the game. This was when anxiety and confusion came into existence because the gamers didn’t know which character would get them through the gameplay successfully. After all, who does not want the best character?

Therefore, we have got you the perfect Guilty Gear Xrd tier list for March 2023. Here, the players are classified into four different categories, which we will briefly discuss as we proceed.


S Tier 

S Tier is the topmost tier of the Guilty Gear Xrd list. In this tier, you get to pick from the best characters on every level. Some of the finest S Tier players include:

S Tier
Ky Kiske:
Leo Whitefang

Ky Kiske: Ky is one of the most nuanced characters in the Guilty Gear Xrd. He is an all-rounder and has impressive close-range options. And now that he has run away with Sol’s Dragon Install and increased his power, he has become much faster with attacks. Not just that, Ky Kiske is an excellent option for beginners because, with this character, they will learn how to chuck fireballs and when to poke.

Ky Kiske Guilty Gear
Ky Kiske Guilty Gear

Leo Whitefang: Leo Whitefang is the only character in the Guilty Gear Xrd to get a vertical upgrade. The King of Bunga is a powerful character whose stance makes the opponent put down their weapons. Leo is not just a close-range character. His multi-hit projectiles to abstain from other characters’ armors make him a powerful character.

A Tier 

The A Tier characters are not as mighty as those in the S, but you cannot go wrong with picking them. A few fantastic A Tier characters are:

A Tier
Millia Rage
Sol Badguy

Millia Rage: Millia Rage is one heck of a character. Although she is in the A tier, she makes a massive impact on the game. She can easily manipulate and control her hair to turn it into a lethal weapon. Millia’s game style focuses on speed and melee. However, to make the most out of Millia, you need to go with continuous attacks and not defense, as her defense is poor.


Sol Badguy: Sol Badguy is often known as the Hybrid of Gear and Human. And even though he is shown to be lazy, he is one of the mightiest characters in Guilty Gear Xrd. He is a learned magician and can grasp the mechanism behind the spells in no time. Sol’s attacks are crude and include headbutts, slaps, punches, kicks, and swinging strikes. 

B Tier

B Tier players are considered rather average and do not deliver outstanding results, but if used well, your chances of winning the game might go up. Some great B tier players include:

B Tier
Axl Low

Venom: Venom is considered a great character in the B Tier due to his unique playstyle and the balls that can be used to zone and scare away opponents. He does wonders at poking from a distance closer than the midscreen and can easily score a knockdown. However, he does not have a great defense and might lower your chances of winning due to his tools.

venom guilty gear
venom guilty gear

Axl Low: Axl Low is a great character that often puts himself at risk to save others. He detests the thought of dying and does not take the opponent’s life under any circumstance. He has superhuman reflexes and is a trained martial artist who uses a dual chain sickle to defend himself, and at times, Axl also makes the most out of fire magic and his sickles.

C Tier List

It is the bottom tier, and the characters in Tier C are not that powerful. They might not have a chance to win at all. C tier Characters include the following Characters:

C Tier

Baiken: Baiken is a character that has immense strength and is a voracious warrior despite not having an eye and an arm. Baiken uses the traditional Japanese katana as her primary weapon and some secret weapons hidden in her sleeve like a feudal cannon, a bladed fan, chain rope, hook, spear, and a claw. However, she has the worst defense ever. 


Slayer: Slayer, the vampire, is a powerful fighter who takes pleasure in putting his nose into everyone else’s business. Since he is a vampire, he is immortal and can suck the blood out of other people to recover from his injuries. His gameplay involves using agile kicks and punches and shoulder-leaning attacks at a rapid pace. Not just that, he has a dagger that can cut Millia Rage’s hair.

And with that, we have come to the end of our guide on Guilty Gear Xrd Tier List for March 2023. We hope it turns out to be resourceful for you. Keep visiting for a tier list of more games.

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