League of Legends Jungle Guide | How to Jungle [LOL Guide]

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Are you looking for How to Jungle in LOL? or League of Legends Jungle Guide. Then this article will be sharing the League of Legends Jungle Guide which will help you to clear the jungle being a jungler. Along with that, you will get the best routers for the jungle and the list of monsters that are there in the jungle.


What does Jungler do?

As a jungler, you will be spending your early game gathering experience and gold in the jungle by farming the monsters. Not to mention, ganking and helping those lanes which need them are important as well. Being a jungler is not only about clearing the monsters.

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It is important to know when to gank once you’ve collected your buffs and defeated all the monsters on your side of the map. Besides, always keep an eye on the minimap as it can make a huge difference by knowing when to gank. Finally, focus on objectives such as dragons, rift herald, and baron.


The best jungler always monitors the opponent’s jungler, warding the opposing jungle and catching them off guard while they’re fighting monsters, or simply ganking the same lane constantly to secure the winning lane.

How To Jungle?

Early game

In the early game, as a jungler, you’ll need to focus on finishing farming those monsters in the jungle. Ensure you and your teammates are placing wards around the picked beginning camp in the event to avoid enemy attempts to attack. If a standout possibility emerges, you’ll need to hold up until you’ve completed all the monsters including the two buffs before you attempt a gank yourself. The top and mid path are your optimal targets.

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However, you can attempt bot on the off chance especially when they’re playing too aggressively. In case you’re on low well-being, however, don’t be hesitant to recall or away from the wilderness. Likewise, keep your eyes on the enemy jungler. That could give you hints with respect to where the person is searching for ganks or open up open doors for you to attack their side of the guide.

Mid game

During the mid-game, keep searching and looking for the best paths to gank. Simply ensure you don’t be too suspicious and get noticed and don’t stay in an exact area for a really long time in the event that it doesn’t resemble a gank will create as your time can be spent better somewhere else.


When the Blue Sentinel respawn once more, try to pick up the consideration of your mid-lane teammates and they’ll be appreciative in the event that you gave them the permission to take the blue buff rather than you to give them more mana regen in the path. Save red buff for yourself, at any rate until the bot lane teammates need it.

Late game

In the late game, farming the jungle monsters turns out to be less important anymore. You’ll still need to take out those jungle monsters but the priorities will be on the blue and red buffs. It is better to reserve those buffs to the teammates that can actually help and contribute to the team and consistently look out for enemies that try to take your blue and red buffs.

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Objectives will become much more significant at this time of the match as well as it can bring extra buffs to the team. Keep an eye and try to secure the drakes and Baron Nashor at this point, so make sure that they’re kept warded and be prepared to make out of here on the off chance that you win a group fight.

League of Legends Jungle – Better Jungle Wins

Jungler is an important aspect to win a game. In a match, sometimes during the end of your match, you see your team or their team type “better jungler wins” like a trash talk/joke. 


Why is this true?

Jungler helps and provides support for those who are weaker in skills/experience. There are some champion’s abilities that counter specific champions. Especially in ranked games, you can see what enemy picks thus people that have less experience on the champion can even win against an experienced player that is ‘one-trick’ on a specific champion. In this case, jungler is responsible for focusing on ganking those lanes, providing assist/kill to your teammate so they can have more item advantage to win the lane. 

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Jungler provides non-buyable buffs and tools to teammates. There are some objectives like a dragon, baron, and buff that good jungler that notice. Slaying dragons, Baron, and Rift Harold are now a key to winning a game. Jungler that are involved in these fights has more advantages as they have the ability called ‘smite’ that deals true damage thus having a higher percentage on slaying/killing it. Slaying Rift Harold gives you an item that deals a lot of damage nearly 75% on a hit.

Slaying a dragon will give your teammate a non-buyable buff that increases your state after a full item. Additionally, slaying 4 dragons in total gives your whole teammate a passive ability in battle. Slaying an elder dragon and a baron gives buffs that have a time limit. With the buff activated the team will have the advantage of winning the game during the time limit because the buff is incredibly strong. Slaying baron and elder dragons will also let everyone on your team earn 300 golds which equals killing a champion.

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Jungler gives an unexpected surprise to the enemy. Without ward or getting into the jungle, users will be unable to see the jungle on pov or on the minimap. Warding helps to check the jungler but when in battle with the enemy champion it is hard to back off even when you see the enemy coming. Jungler is the plot twist role that can aid your team when they are in battle. Even when you ‘kill steal’ your teammate when helping the lane, you can ensure the enemy gets less experience and time for farming on the lane.

Season 11 Jungle Routes

Blue Side Path A | League of Legends Jungle

Starting on the blue side A, as a jungler like Lee Sin, Jarvan IV, and Vi, it is more recommended to start off with Red Brambleback first. This will not only make you level up but also help to clear out the jungle monsters faster.

However, using slightly wide Area of Effect (AoE) champions like Sejuani, Zac, and Karthus, it is encouraged to proceed to Raptor as it provides lots of golds and experiences and it’s much faster compared to clearing Krugs because the AoE is wider and it gives the advantage of clearing them faster. After clearing Raptors, move on to clearing Blue Sentinel. If you’re using lesser AoE champions like Kha’zix or Elise, it is better to clear out the Wolves first. In summary, Red buff > Raptors/Wolves > Blue buff.

Blue Side Path B | League of Legends Jungle

Starting on blue side B, to use this path. It is better to use strong and single-target champions such as Lee Sin, Elise, Warwick, and Jarvan IV. You will start off with Red Brambleback then to Blue Sentinel and finish it by clearing Gromp. Killing Gromp may take a longer time because of its tanky health.


If you don’t feel like doing Blue Sentinel after Red Brambleback, you may start with Gromp first then continue back to Blue Sentinel. There is not much difference in which comes first but do keep an eye on your Blue Sentinel if you start with Gromp first. To secure it properly, take out Blue Sentinel first after taking Red Brambleback instead of Gromp. In summary, Red buff > Blue buff/Gromp > Gromp/Blue buff.

Red Side Path A | League of Legends Jungle

Starting on the red side A, basically, it is just the reverse or mirror of blue side A. You will have to watch out for the enemy’s jungler as well. High chances that they might come into the group and try to gank you up for the first blood.

To prevent such ganking from happening, you can simply place award on the nearby bush to have a vision if there is an enemy trying to gank or not. Another option to prevent this is by requesting your top laner to create a fake leash for you. With this strategy, the enemy’s jungler might be confused about which path you’re starting on first and will be able to secure better on the farms. In summary, Blue/Red buff > Raptors > Red/Blue buff.

Red Side Path B | League of Legends Jungle

Starting on the red side B, basically, it is also the reverse or mirror of blue side B. Always be alert of enemies invading your jungle. Never leave your eyes away from the game and do something else such as playing the phone as it might create a weak point and advantage for the enemy.

You can start with Blue Sentinel then to Gromp or Wolves depending on your AoE then go across the lane and get your Red Brambleback. Also, remember to place an award because it is better to be safe than sorry just in case you’re having an aggressive enemy as a jungler who might always try to pressure you. In summary, Blue/Red buff > Gromp/Wolves > Red/Blue buff.

Jungle Monsters List 

Jungle Monsters List
Ancient Krug
Red Brambleback
Crimson Raptor
Greater Murk Wolf
Murk Wolf
Blue Sentinel

LoL Jungler Tips | League of Legends Jungle

Which items to buy in the early to late game

Doing research on what item is needed for your champion is very important. This applies to every lane in the game because the wrong item can make you less powerful even when you have more total items worth than the enemy. In the early game. Buying the correct jungle items makes you have more survivability in killing more monsters and ganking lanes.

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There are lots of items that are updated every season so taking note of the meta is important. For example, if the enemy has more than 2 assassin champions, you should sacrifice your damage build with some tank item even if you are an assassin yourself because sometimes you will get caught by them no matter how good you are.

Know when should you go out of your jungle on early games

Roaming can mean invading enemy jungle, ganking lanes, and getting objectives on killing river’s epic monsters. You shouldn’t only focus on farming in your jungle, going out of the jungle and doing damage to the enemy is very important. Every time when you go out into the jungle, you can apply pressure on the enemy on whatever things you do.

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Getting out of your jungles is when you walk into your lane or when you are on or over the river which is invading enemy jungles. Doing this is good but with bad game sense, you might bring disadvantages to yourself because of losing a gank fight or dying in an enemy jungle. Doing these things successfully will increase your team’s chance of winning the lane at an early game since early games are a farming phase where champions are split and are more prioritized on farming.

Aware of the epic monster timer

The biggest objective of being the jungler is slaying epic monsters. Slaying epic monsters will grant your whole teammate advantages for a short period of time or permanently.

If your team starts a team fight when the epic monster is available or the timer is near, you should be focusing on slaying the epic monsters (only dragon) since all jungler have more advantage on slaying/stealing epic monsters. Knowing when to start the dragon fight is also important as starting it wrong in the worst-case scenario will get you, the epic monsters, and your teammate killed by the enemy team to give them advantages. 

This is all for the article, hope you like League of Legends Jungle Guide, If you have any queries do share this with your friends on the social media platform. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more gaming updates.

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