Valkyrie Connect Tier List [May] 2023: Characters Ranked

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Mobile Role Playing Games or RPGs have been a prevalent gaming genre lately, and one such game is Valkyrie Connect. This game centers around collecting and upgrading the heroes as you and your teammates get into a war to safeguard the world from calamities. In this article, we will be talking about the Valkyrie Connect Tier List for May 2023 and help you increase your chances of winning.

Valkyrie Connect Tier List
Valkyrie Connect Tier List

About Valkyrie Connect

The Valkyrie Connect, the brainchild of A Team Inc, is a hero-collecting, Gacha Role Playing Game (RPG) built for mobile gaming. The game is based on Japanese mythology, and the game aesthetic is Japanese anime.

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The game has a somewhat diverse story mode and gameplay. It involves a multitude of maps with every tile depicting a different experience and lore. Also, this game is a real-time combat system that requires casting skills and effects. Now lets get into the Valkyrie Connect Tier List

Valkyrie Connect Tier List [May] 2023

There are around 600 heroes in Valkyrie Connect. And it can be befuddling to pick the best character to help you win. We have got you a well-researched list where the heroes are ranked as per the Valkyrie Connect Tier List. There are five Valkyrie Connect Tier List:

  • S Tier
  • A Tier
  • B Tier
  • C Tier
  • D Tier

S Tier

The heroes or characters in the S tier of Valkyrie Connect have impressive stats, are good at teamwork, and have high utility. They give you the best chance of winning any game. Some of the best S Valkyrie Connect Tier List characters are discussed below:

Valkyrie Connect S Tier List
Omnipotent Odin
Thunder God Thor
Dragon Girl Nuut
Awakened Shalltear Bloodfallen
Omnicatalyst Sortishia
Catalyst Sortishia
Vindicator Seraphiel
Catalyst Alfana
Holy Night Sortishia
Vindicator Managarm
Sloth Scion Velfell

Omnipotent Odin: Omnipotent Odin is an excellent pick in Valkyrie Connect and is your sure shot to win the game. He can mesmerize players with magical spells and has a powerful attack, making it impossible to defeat him. Using Odin might be tricky initially, but once you get used to him, you might not find it a hassle to play with him.

Omnipotent Odin
Omnipotent Odin

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Thunder God Thor: Thor is everyone’s favorite character and hero in Valkyrie Connect and is considered one of the strongest characters in the meta. He possesses excellent healing powers. And, he has a paralysis spell that he uses to win battles.

Thunder God Thor
Thunder God Thor

A Tier

The characters in the A tier are great but not as great as those in the S tier. However, they can also cause massive destruction to their enemies, but there are certain places where they lack superiority. Hence, they are in the A tier. A couple of A Valkyrie Connect Tier List characters are:

Valkyrie Connect A Tier List
Moon God Mani
Twin Blade Liesa
Bird God Xingfu
Infected Sif
Vindicator Fotma
Vindicator Borr
Titan-Attacking Dielle
Wave Daughter Bylgja
Star Saint Noa
Awakened Narberal
Vindicator Gefion
Awakened Esquire
Catalyst Verosa
Awakened Levi
Terrible Tornado
Awakened Vampire Lord Evileye

Moon God Mani: Moon God Mani is a character known for his power to spin dreams in the arena and put the enemies to sleep. He is a one-of-a-kind player who has impressive healing powers and great defense. The only reason that puts him in the A tier is that he has low attack capacity.

Moon God Mani
Moon God Mani

Twin Blade Liesa: Thanks to her high-intensity attacks and damage skills, Twin Blade Liesa is an excellent pick in the A tier. As per some lore, it is also said that she has been brought to life multiple times just for killing beasts.

Twin Blade Liesa
Twin Blade Liesa

B Tier

The characters in the B tier of Valkyrie Connect are the ones that have a couple of flaws, but they can cause massive destruction when used optimally. You’ll find this Valkyrie Connect Tier List below: 

Valkyrie Connect B Tier List
Christmas Treeza
Trickster God Loki
Creation God Izanagi
Tortoise God Guangmei
Vindicator Valtus
Red God Frey
Vindicator Thrym
Omnipotent Vili
Catalyst Elineige
Shrine Girl Kanna
Jolly Caroler Miku
Sunlight God Sol
Catalyst Vili
Awakened Mavis Vermillion
Time Knight Chrossy
Summer Scion Frigg
Vindicator Hrimthurs
Catalyst Melveryn
Mad Pumpkin Mogthrasir

Christmas Treezai: Christmas Treezai is a great hero but often behaves in a silly manner. He is a confused player who cannot make decisions on time. However, he is not everyone’s favorite due to his incompetency.

Christmas Treezai
Christmas Treezai

Trickster God Loki: Loki is a remarkable hero in Valkyrie Connect and can seamlessly change his appearance. He is an eccentric character who usually judges other characters based on the vibe he gets from them. Not just that, Loki is great at dodging and fooling his enemies and makes the most out of his sword when it comes to killing them.

Trickster God Loki
Trickster God Loki

C Tier

The characters in the C tier are pretty average. They do not shine in the game but have a considerable impact. Some of the players from the C Valkyrie Connect Tier List are:

Valkyrie Connect C Tier List
Imperial Knight Viola
Guardian God Heimdall
Catalyst Bergelmir
Awakened Roveria
Judging God Forseti
Catalyst Sanngrid
Imperial Knight Viola
Deceased God Izanami
Awakened Valkyrie Miku
Awakened Bewitching CS Mage Lucy
Fairy Cenia
Star God Kaworu
Catalyst Morphea
Mistletoe Wielder Mistel
Sun God Asuka
Awakened Lustful Succubus Albedo
Dark Beast Tamer Luce
Valkyrie Herja
Raindropper Paso

Imperial Knight Viola: The Imperial Knight Viola hails from the same brigade as Vesmeral and is super energetic in the morning. But as the day passes, she needs to take a nap, or she might not function well. But, she is considered a decent melee tank in Valkyrie Connect.

Imperial Knight Viola
Imperial Knight Viola

Guardian God Heimdall: The Guardian God Heimdall is the only hero in Valkyrie Connect who lives in a pure tank state. He is known to have an excellent HP and defense, making him a suitable choice.

Guardian God Heimdall
Guardian God Heimdall

D Tier

The characters or heroes in the D tier are the weakest and slowest of the lot. The characters in the D tier are the ones you must avoid at all costs. Some of such D Valkyrie Connect Tier List characters are:

Valkyrie Connect D Tier List
Spirit Master Gaia
Sunny Summer Noa
Erza Scarlet
Vindicator Celestia
Prison Empress Avencia
Awakened Ulin
Valkyrie Rota
Spirit Master Gaia
Gatherer Aludra
Sunny Summer Noa
Acrobat Kururu
Dark Star Helblindi
Pirate Lorone
Boar God Kubira
Musician Musika
Dual Horn Raspi

Spirit Master Gaia: Spirit Master Gaia is a D-tier character known for her acting skill, Boden Segen. She can also slow down humans with her spells, and her passive includes an HP boost of about 15 percent and doubling the damage resistance, making her an excellent pick for the D tier.

Spirit Master Gaia
Spirit Master Gaia

Sunny Summer Noa: Sunny Summer Noa is yet another D-tier character who lives in the woods. Overall, she is a rather average player and has basic skills and powers that might not help you create an impact in the game.

Sunny Summer Noa
Sunny Summer Noa

We have now come to the end of our guide for Valkyrie Connect Tier List for May 2023. However, we must remind you that it is not just the characters you pick that help you win a game. Your skills play a huge role too. For more such information you can visit our site where we post news and updates on gaming, upcoming games, gaming builds, and much more. 

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