How to Farm Warframe Cetus Wisp [Complete Guide] 2023

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This Best Guide to Farm Warframe Cetus Wisp aims at providing you tips on Cetus Wisp as one of the best games of late. If you have been facing difficulties and getting stuck somewhere while trying to farm this marvelous game.


Just relax, I have got you covered in this guide. I believe by the end of this guide, you will be a master in farming Cetus Wisp to your teammates even. However, we cannot start talking about how to farm the Warframe Cetus Wisp without knowing actually what it’s all about. 

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What is Warframe Cetus Wisp?

These are tiny creatures that can be found on the Plains of Eidolon on Earth. They have light blue energy surrounding them, though these light blue energies are small in size therefore it’s not easy to identify them. They appear during the day or at night so that you can farm them at any time. However, they are more commonly seen at night.

Farm Warframe Cetus Wisp
Farm Warframe Cetus Wisp

These Cetus Wisp can be found on the edges of the Gara Toht Lake, just outside the Cetus Gate, and on the banks of the smaller lakes and ponds that cover the Plains. To gather them, you will need to find and move through them as if they were any other piece of loot. They are wont to build Amps, Warframes, and a few essential quest items.

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There are some reasons that make Wisps tricky to gather up. They are hard to spot, they don’t stay around for long after you find them. So, what do you need to do to solve these? When you see one, immediately grab it because it will float away into the sky and disappear if you can’t get to them in time.

You can purchase Cetus Wisps from The Quills at Cetus for 2000 Standing once you hit the rank of Architect. Even from Kakak during the Plague Star event for 750 Standing and 1500 Credits.

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If you are looking for Wisps on the Plains, the most beneficial way is to bring a speedy Warframe and quickly run along the edges of the lakes, going to a new lake when a full circuit is complete. Wisps will appear as loot on your detector if you use mods like Loot Detector, Animal Instinct, and Thief’s Wit.


Wisps are suffering from boosters that increase the number of resources you choose up, and by Smeeta Kavat’s Charm ability. It’s not advised to wait for Charm to kick in as the Wisp may disappear before that happens.

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Farm Warframe Cetus Wisp

To Farm Warframe Cetus Wisp first, you need to obtain a map, on that map, you will see a good route to take. Use a Warframe like Nehza, Gauss, or Volt to chop down the travel time period and confirm running entirely around each lake. When you are done, return to Cetus through the gate, then you can load back in to reset the Wisps.

That is the path we usually use. The most essential part about farming Cetus Wisps is not significantly remembering where they can be, but somewhat being able to immediately determine whether an item icon on the mini-map is a Wisp or a random resource. If you spend too much time pausing to check, you’ll have longer trip times which means slower Cetus Wisp farming.

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Cetus Wisps regularly generate quite nearby to the water. Such that their icon on the mini-map will usually somewhat go onto the water. If the icon looks like it’s even a little bit inland, it’s likely not a Wisp and you can ignore it. There are certain resources that commonly spawn next to the water. When you gain enough experience, you’ll memorize and know when to ignore when you see their icon on the map.

how to cetus wisp farming
how to cetus wisp farming

However, if you wish to increase your Cetus Wisp farming, we advise you to look ONLY at your mini-map. Endeavor to practice more as this will allow you to traverse the map without ever having to look at anything else which allows you to prioritize looking out for Wisps. This is one of the main tricks on how to collect wisps so quickly. After seeing a wisp, use Itzal’s second ability the Penumbra for an instant full stop.

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Warframe Cetus Wisp locations

Warframe Cetus Wisp locations are many, but the most frequent place where you can find him is around Gara Toth Lake. Also, don’t forget to check the Cetus Wisp locations map which is given down below. A special thanks to the serpent (a warframe player) for the following map.


In conclusion, you can reduce the length of the grind by using a resource booster and doing farming for Cetus Wisps at night because they can be easily identified at that time. Hope this article, How to Farm Warframe Cetus Wisp [Complete Guide] 2023, has enabled you to learn on how to farm Cetus Wisps. Though many players find this game annoying, it can actually be fun if you enjoy speedrunning and with more practice, I can assure you to be on top of this game.

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