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If you are looking for information related to the Dislyte tier list then this article is for you. Dislyte is an urban mythological RPG that is set in the middle of the 21st century. The city is plagued by various supernatural forces that are constantly causing damage to the city. To save the cure from this havoc you will require warriors in your team. Pick and choose the best warrior to give the enemies a good fight and defend the city from further destruction.

Dislyte Tier List
Dislyte Tier List

Dislyte Tier List 2023 [March]

The warriors in the game have their one strengths and weaknesses. Some are exceptional fighters and some can only defend the need arises. In this case, it becomes difficult to choose a warrior for your unit. In this article, we have compiled a list of a warrior in the descending order of their power.

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SS Tier List

The characters in the SS Dislyte Tier List are the best warriors in the game. These chargers can be utilized in both PvP and PvE, and are capable of taking forward the game by themselves. Once you have these characters make sure that give them the best equipment. Let’s take a look at these characters :

Dislyte SS Tier List
Fatum Sisters (Nornir)
Gaius (Zeus)
Sally (Sif)
Feng Nuxi (Nuwa)
Lin Xiao (White Tiger)
Gabrielle (Njord)
Unas (Shu)
Everett (Tyr)
Ahmed (Geb)
Lucas (Apollo)
Clara (Hera)
Brewster (Garmr)
Ashley (Heimdall)
Ophelia (Thanatos)
Ife (Meretseger)

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Sally is an outstanding support esper. It can dispel debuffs and heal like none other. Along with that, it has amazing buffs such as DMG reduction and ATK increase.


Lin Xiao top-tier DPS that can be deployed in any team. It is easy to gear up and can boost her crit rate, decrease the enemy’s DEF, AP, SPD and even inflict Bleed.


Gabrielle is one of the best support espers in the game. Its DEF increases, as well as ATK and DEF, decrease for enemies.


S Tier List

The characters in S Dislyte Tier List may not the best, but they are considered the top-tier warriors in the game. The characters in the list are worthy of investments in good weapons. These characters will not only defend but will take the battle in your favor. Let’s take a look at these characters and their abilities:

Dislyte S Tier List
Intisar (Kauket)
Abigail (Frigga)
Nick (Magni)
Zora (Amunet)
Asenath (Nefertem)
Cang Ji (Cang Jie)
Sienna (Gaia)
Yun Chuan (Yang Jian)
Melanie (Medusa)
Jin Yuyao (Queen Mother)
Raven (Odin) - SS for PvP
Hyde (Hades) - SS for PvP
Triki (Loki) - SS for PvP
Catherine (Hela) - SS for PvP
Narmer (Ra) - SS for PvP
Donar (Thor)
Sander (Set)
Lu Yi (Dayi)
Cecilia (Isis)
Li Ling (Nezha)
Fabrice (Freyr)
Alice (Gullveig)
Jiang Jiuli (Chiyou)

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Asenath is capable of giving support to the team. It can reduce damage as the AP increases and facilitate her ability to heal allies faster.


Sienna is powerful support that can give a lot of buffs including ATK, SPD, and AP increase and a massive debut can make the opponents powerless.


Melanie can reduce the enemy’s AP when paired with other AP-reducing espers. When recruited as a Captain, the player will also gain the first move, which can set the pace of the battle.


A Tier List

The warriors of the A Dislyte Tier List are not as good as the S tier list characters. But they are decent fighters and will not let you down if recruited. These warriors can be recruited with SS and S tier list warriors to have a good unit to fight with:

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Dislyte A Tier List
Zhong Nan (Zhong Kui)
Li Guang (Vermillion Bird)
Lewis (Ares)
Elliot (Thoth)
Mona (Artemis)
Drew (Anubis)
Long Mian (Ao Bing)
Nicole (Nephthys)
Unky Chai (Yue Lao)
Daniel (Chiron)
Tiye (Nut)
Jiang Man (Meng Po)
Ye Suhua (Shao Siming)
Biondina (Poseidon)
Celine (Siren)
Kara (Serket)
Eira (Freya)
Bonnie (Eris)
Chloe (Medea)
Ren Si (Black Tortoise)
Tevor (Sphinx)
Jeanne (Gerd)
Tang Yun (Six-Eared Macaque)

Lewis is one of the best DPS units in the game. Once fully geared it can cycle through his kit quickly. With its critical, it can be extremely powerful.


Mona is a free unit that is given to every player and it’s good in terms of damage. It’s a good unit to max out as its skills and survivability are the highest among all the characters in the game.


Drew is another good DPS esper which is given to every player at the start of the game. It is pretty decent and can work throughout the game if upgraded.


B Tier List

The B Dislyte Tier List is the average warrior. They are mediocre fighters and tend to work only in some instances. They require a lot of investments to be viable. These warriors can be used if there are no alternatives available. Let’s take a look at these characters:

Dislyte B Tier List
Odette (Skadi)
Xiao Yin (Azure Dragon)
Aurelius (Ullr)
Djoser (Atum)
Taylor (Hercules)
Dhalia (Calypso)
Xie Chuyi (Death Guard Hei)
Anesidora (Pandora)
Lynn (Hathor)
Xie Yuzhi (Death Guard Bai)
Heng Yue (Chang'e)
Laura (Neith)
Meredith (Scylla)
Stewart (Dionysus)
Chang Pu (Yao Ji)
Brynn (Valkyrie)
Q (Cupid)
Freddy (Fenrir)
Berenice (Bastet)
Tang Xuan (Sun Wukong)
Lauren (Heket)

Djoser is an average tank that can stack up defenses like another warrior. Additional support can increase its defense stacking abilities.


Taylor is a decent unit that can prevent enemies from reviving. It gives its allies an extra turn when they kill an enemy.


Dhalia is an esper that can only be obtained from Ripple Dimensions. It provides a CC lock through which it can be made to work.


C Tier list

The C Dislyte Tier List warriors are some of the weakest characters in the game. They can work okay only in the early levels of the game that too with upgrades. These are the fighters you can’t rely on in battle. Let’s take a look at the C-tier list characters and their abilities:

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Dislyte C Tier List
Daylon (Sobek)
Jacob (Jormungand)
Chalmers (Idun)
Falken (Horus)
Arcana (Hermes)
Kaylee (Anuket)
Zelmer (Sekhmet)
Alexa (Aphrodite)
Pritzker (Mimir)
Leon (Vali)
Helena (Helen)
Ollie (Osiris)

Jacob is one of the best units in the game for fighting against Apep. It is Abel to grant his allies immunity to poison as well as inflicting it upon their enemies.


Chalmers is a decent single-target damage unit for bosses since he deals damage based on the enemy’s max HP.


Falken is a good unit that applies the Eye of Horus on the opponent, this gives the character and its opponent a chance to counterattack.


D Tier List

The D Dislyte Tier List characters are useless apart from the two esters that this list has to offer. These characters work well at the start but they can’t stand the enemies as the battle progresses. Let’s see the characters in the D tier list:

Dislyte D Tier List
Luo Yan (Yanluo Wang)
David (Jason)
Bardon (Baldr)
Layla (Medjed)
Bai Liuli (White Snake)
Li Ao (Tao Tie)
Hall (Hodur)

Luo Yan is a good unit for Temporal Tower. It can reduce the target’s Max HP by 30% and can revive allies.

Luo-Yan: Dislyte Tier List
Luo-Yan: Dislyte Tier List

David is not a bad character and also not at all exceptional. It can act like a pseudo-tank-slash-DPS at the start of the game until you get another character to replace it.

David: Dislyte Tier List
David: Dislyte Tier List

Bardon is a low-tier tank that can be used for a short while when you need to stun to taunt enemies but it’s not very viable in the game.


These were the characters from the Dislyte tier list that you must know if you are a Dislyte player. For more such information you can visit our site omggamer.com where we post news and the latest update on gaming, upcoming games, gaming builds, and much more. 

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