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Genshin Impact Skirmishers: The game has a variety of ways to increase your damage dealt on the enemy (like Recruit Insignia by enemies). Especially free to play players, even if you don’t have any top tier character, the other character still can deal damage as high as a top tier character with the right equipment, artifacts, and strategy. To deal with even higher damage, you still need to ascend your character and weapon once a level is reached. Ascending these weapons might need some new materials that are dropped by enemies after killing them. 


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What is Recruit Insignia

Recruit Insignia is basically a material dropped by enemies. It is used to ascend character and weapon to increase their maximum level and upgrading state, making your damage dealt higher. Recruit Insignia is unfortunately quite hard to find as the world only spawn less than 20 of it in our open world. 


How to Farm Recruit Insignia

Farm Recruit Insignia: The drop rate of it is very high but killing the enemies that dropped is quite hard.  There are 2 types of enemies that dropped the item, one is called Skirmishers and another one called ‘pyro agent’. Pyro Agent usually works solo and does not have a shield. It can be considered as the easiest enemy that dropped the items. The only thing you need to worry about that he dealt high damage and is the only enemy that can camouflage during battle. He is usually found guarding a chest and he will also appear in some quest working for others. 

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If you have higher confidence in your team or you were doing coop with a group of people/friends to help you, then you can farm the Recruit Insignia by killing the Skirmishers. Skirmishers usually work in at least a pair and sometimes 3 of them. Each of them is always in different elements, Electro, pyro, cryo, anemo, and geo. When facing them, they will start to activate their elemental barrier based on their element that will reduce the damage dealt with them.


The best way is to burst them before activating their shield or use the correct element to counter them. For example, if you are in coop with others, you can kill them within 5 seconds as there are more than 1 character that exists in the open world. For players that can’t burst, you can always use the correct element to break the shield easily like if the enemy has a pyro barrier, just use the hydro elemental attack to bring it down easily.

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It is actually very easy to differentiate their element as their appearance will show you. For coop players, you won’t need to be worried as the enemy slain loots aren’t shared like the plants in the game. This means that the best way to farm materials for this is actually joining coop and teaming up with friends to have a faster-grinding experience.

Genshin Impact Skirmishers Locations

Genshin Impact Skirmishers Locations: As mentioned, Skirmishers are hard to find and they spawn in a group and total are less than 20 in the map that excluded the ones guarding the chest. Hunting skirmishers down actually does not require you to memorize the location. The game has a feature where they show the mini-boss location that dropped these items. Follow the steps below for hunting them down.

  • Step 1: Press F1 to open your adventure book.
  • Step 2: Click the option bosses.
  • Step 3: Scroll and find the name Skirmishers.
  • Step 4: Click navigate.
  • Step 5: Teleport to the nearest portal.
  • Step 6: Kill them with the strategy mentioned above.
  • Step 7: Repeat from step 1 until you finish farming.

2 things to be noted here.

  1. If you finished killing everything in Mondstadt and saw respawning, you can still change the map hunting from Monsdstadt to Liyue and continue to farm more.
  2. If both are still not enough, just ask friends or go discord to ask anyone that let you join their world.

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This is all for the article Genshin Impact Skirmishers Locations, hope now you are able to Farm Recruit Insignia. If you stuck with some steps above then do comment down below. Don’t forge to share this with your friends on social media platforms.


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