How to Get Treasure Hoarders Insignia [Location & Guide]

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In this article, you will get to know Genshin Impact Treasure Hoarders Insignia Location with complete guidance. The topic today as seen will be finding treasure hoarders insignias from Treasure Hoarders.


Genshin Impact is an open world hack and slash action RPG game. Mostly, these kinds of games must be purchased to play and in-game items are all ground to obtain. But for genshin, it’s unique, the game is free, letting all players try it out for free. Their method of earning players money is mainly through the gacha system. The 5* characters in Genshin are very rare and only have a drop rate of 1.6% with a pity system. The 4 star character is still usable and can be better than 5 star character if you have a full constellation for that character. You can also upgrade weapons, character talents, and levels for higher damage. All of these will require farmable in-game resources. 

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Genshin Impact Treasure Hoarders Insignias

Treasure Hoarders Insignias is an item that is dropped from Treasure Hoarders. This item is used to ascend the character level. Ascension for the character is required when you reach a certain level. Without ascending your character, you cannot upgrade the character level until you ascend it. To ascend your character, you would need to reach a certain AR level. After that, you would then need to gather materials that are dropped from the enemies. One of them is Treasure Hoarders Insignia, all of these items have a total of 4 qualities. To upgrade to higher quality, 3 duplicated materials are required to combine them to higher quality. The higher the ascension level, the higher the material’s quality and the quantity needed.


The Insignias have a very high drop rate, the enemy that dropped the materials are easy to find and weak. Treasure Hoarders usually work in groups, they will be in at least 3 and they are easy to find in Liyue. Sometimes even in your daily commission, you will be needing to defeat them. The daily commission quest will also drop the ascension materials.

Treasure Hoarders Insignias: Combat Tips

As mentioned, Treasure Hoarders work in groups. Thus, Anemo characters like Sucrose, Main Character, Venti, or Jean are very good at dealing with the damage and improving your farm time. Using their Anemo abilities or elemental burst will suck enemy to one spot and deal damage to them equally and efficiently as they can be airborne when near your Anemo skill. Anemo abilities also can combine with one element and then deal with additional damage

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Genshin Impact Treasure Hoarders Insignia Location (Map)

Below is the interactive map from If you want to farm treasure hoarders, then here is the best. You can go there daily and at least 10-20 common insignias there daily. The location is below Mt Aozang and there will be many treasure hoarders waiting for you.

  • East of Luhua Pool
  • Between Mt. Tianheng and Lingju Pass
  • South of Mt. Tianheng
  • North of Springvale in Monstadt during the Raptor questline

How to reach Treasure Hoarders Insignias Location

To farm the Treasure Hoarders Insignia easier, you can always open the adventurer book and then go to the Bosses section then click on common enemies and find the treasure hoarders(Should be located in the lowest). Just find the treasure hoarders icon then click navigate then it will show the nearest treasure hoarders location. You can teleport to the nearest waypoints then walk to the location. After defeating those treasure hoarders, repeat from the start.

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This is all for Treasure Hoarders Insignia Location, hope you are now able to farm Genshin Impact Treasure Hoarders Insignia. If you are new to omggamer then don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter which is given down below. For more updates on Genshin Impact stay tuned with us.

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