Langrisser Tier List [May] 2023 | Best Characters Ranked

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Langrisser is a tactical RPG strategy game where you move your characters in a grid. It is also a gacha game, meaning there will be characters with a higher rarity than others. In addition to that, there are also individual roles for each character. For example, the Hero Lance is a Tank character best used to soak up damage for your other characters. Some characters are mediocre, while others are excellent. To help you choose which characters to get, we made a Langrisser tier list.

Langrisser Tier List
Langrisser Tier List

Langrisser Tier List [May] 2023

As a gacha game, the only way to get high-rarity characters is by pulling in the gacha system. You will get random characters but do not worry. You can re-roll the first few pulls by creating another account.

With that in mind, below is the Langrisser tier list that can help you decide what characters to get and build. Keep reading to learn all about them.

S Tier List

S Langrisser Tier List characters are the best heroes in the game due to their strengths and abilities that can help them in any situation. They can either be damage-oriented or support that buff, or heal your other characters. Having at least one of these characters makes any challenge in the game easy.

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Langrisser S Tier List HerosRole
LeonPhysical DPS


The daughter of the marquis of the Floating City of Larcuss, Tiaris, is a Holy element SSR character considered the best character in the game.

She is the most excellent support you can add to your team, from healing to buffing allies and debuffing enemies. She can also deal damage with her Fireball and Holy Missile skills.



One of the two maidens of Light, Liana, is the second S Langrisser Tier List on our list and a Holy element SSR character. She also has the Heal skill, similar to Tiaris.

In addition to that, some of her abilities can deal massive magical damage to a target. With these in her arsenal, she is easily one of the best characters in the game.



Leon is a descendant of Light and a beast when it comes to inflicting physical damage. He has the skill Assault, meaning he deals damage to a single target where it cannot get healed if it gets hit. He also has the Legion skill, where his ATK and DEF are increased by 10% if his HP is higher than 90%.

Leon-Physical DPS
Leon-Physical DPS

A Tier List

The characters listed in the A Langrisser Tier List do not mean they are worse. They are still one of the strongest characters in the game. They might not be in the S Langrisser Tier List, but they can still carry you on until the later stages of the game.

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Langrisser A Tier List HerosRole
SonyaPhysical DPS
LunaPhysical DPS, Tank
CherieRanged DPS


The Dark Prince Bozel is an evil spirit you will encounter as your enemy at the start of the game. He is a mage that deals Magic damage and can also cast debuffs.

For example, his skill Dark Reaper deals damage while ignoring the enemy’s magical defense and restores 50% of the damage you dealt as HP.



Ledin is another descendant of Light and the prince of the Kingdom of Baldea. He is a tank in the game, and his innate skill is Sun Slash, where he attacks a single enemy, dealing 1.5x damage and restores 30% of his HP after the battle. He also has skills like his passive skill, Consecration, where there is a 40% chance of healing other units.



The princess of the Kingdom of Caconsis, Shelfaniel, is a mage with single-target damage or skills that can damage multiple enemies. She also has passives that can benefit her and her allies. For example, her passive skill MDEF Break has a 50% chance of reducing an enemy’s MDEF by 25%.


B Tier List

B Langrisser Tier List characters are good heroes who can still finish in-game content. They are different from S or A-tier characters in that you must build them to let them shine. Since you cannot always get an S or A Langrisser Tier List, you can use these characters in the meantime.

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Langrisser B Tier List HerosRole
EgbertMagical DPS
ElwinPhysical DPS, Tank
AltemullerPhysical DPS, Tank
BernhardtPhysical DPS, Tank
AngelinaPhysical DPS, Tank


Egbert is a cunning general of the Dark Dragon Sorcerers. He is excellent at dealing with magic damage, which can either be single-target or AoE damage.

His abilities also have different debuffs, like Mind Bore, which can increase the magic damage received by enemies by 20%. Combine him with another magic damage unit, and you can easily defeat your enemies.



As a great general from the Riguler Empire, Altemuller is a decent physical DPS and an excellent tank. His innate skill deals 1.5x damage and can even decrease the melee attack damage he receives by 20% if his HP is above 50%. He can also increase the DEF of allies within 2 blocks, making him a great tank on your team.



She is one of the twin princesses of the Kingdom of Caconsis. She is good at being a physical DPS and a tank. Her innate ability, Lightning, deals 1.5x damage to a single target and has a reduced cooldown if it instantly kills the target. Her passive skill, ATK Intimidate, decreases the ATK and INT of nearby enemies by 15%, making their attacks weak.

Angelina-Physical DPS, Tank
Angelina-Physical DPS, Tank

C Tier List

The characters in the C Langrisser Tier List are mediocre. They do not impact the game much and are not found in the meta. You can still build them, but they fall off at later stages of the game, wasting your time and effort.

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Langrisser C Tier List HerosRole
LesterPhysical DPS
SophiaHealer, Support
MatthewPhysical DPS
GrenierPhysical DPS, Support


He is a former pirate and excellent in naval battles due to his innate talent. In contrast to others mentioned so far, the unit’s attack is increased in water battles.

His innate skill is called Aqua Blast, which deals 1.5x damage and can deal 2x damage when used in water. He can also heal himself with his First Aid skill, which heals a unit’s HP by 100%.



Sophia is the daughter of the Temple of Light’s Archbishop, and she is a Healer/Support. She can buff allies or debuff enemies while dealing damage.

Her heal can be increased with her innate ability, Merciful Heart, where if you cast a skill on an ally, they will receive an increase in their healing effect and DEF.



He is the main hero of the game and is immediately obtainable. As the main hero, he has different classes. Each class can be obtained by choosing the correct answers during the Goddess Quiz. He is an excellent physical DPS, especially with his innate skill, Air Slash, which deals 1.5x damage to a single target.


D Tier List

The heroes in the D Langrisser Tier List are bad and extremely situational characters. They are the ones that you should quickly swap out whenever you get a better hero. But if you have no option, then these are the characters that are in the D Langrisser Tier List that you can utilize.

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Langrisser D Tier List HerosRole
LancePhysical DPS, Tank
LewinSupport, Physical DPS
JessicaMagical DPS
SilverwolfPhysical DPS
EmerickPhysical DPS
NarmSupport, Physical DPS
KirikazePhysical DPS


He is the captain of the Lance Brigade and is usually used as a physical DPS/Tank. His innate ability, Battlefield Mastery, increases his ATK and DEF when you battle against Flier and Cavalry.

Wind Whisper, his innate skill, deals 0.3x AoE damage to nearby enemies and debuffs them, which makes it great when you fight multiple enemies.

Lance-Physical DPS, Tank
Lance-Physical DPS, Tank


Imelda is one of the four generals of the Water Dragon Navy. She is a support that has unique abilities. For example, her innate ability, Queen’s Gauntlet, increases the unit’s ATK and the Hero’s damage but causes him to lose HP after the battle. She also has buffs, debuffs, and she can also heal.



When it comes to the history of Langrisser, Jessica has much to say about it. She is an archmage who is a great early magical DPS. Her abilities are versatile.

Her meteor skill is used to deal with multiple enemies and teleport to reposition any allied units. She can support other units and even heal them with her Mass Heal skill.


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: Best Langrisser PvE team?
Answer: The best Langrisser PVE team is the Princess team, which includes Ledin, Luna, Cherie, Lana, and Liana or Tiaris. This team benefits from the Princess Alliance bonus. The team has two S-tier characters, and four from the A-tier, making it the best PvE team in Langrisser. If you have a 6-star Tiaris, use it as your main healer. Her innate ability at 6 stars has a 100% chance of healing, equal to x3 of Tiaris’ INT.

That is all for our Langrisser tier list. Always remember that the heroes on the S Tier List are your best bets for conquering the game. You can use A or B-tier characters, as they are suitable units. For the C Tier List characters, you can use them, but they do fall off in power in the later stages of the game.

Avoid using the D Langrisser Tier List characters as much as possible, but you can use them if you have no choice. For more such articles you can visit our site where we post news and the latest updates from the world of gaming

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